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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Women and vinyl records - what a marriage!

Macho, male-only... maybe also (slightly) sexist and (sometimes) unrespectful, this very site - gladly suggested by my pal Reinhard - still shows us all a romantic, poetic way our beloved "other half" handle and handled and related with vinyl-records, obviously a sexy media per-se, with the large covers, perfect (vs. the CD's) for expressing a message, artwork, whatever...

The pixies, coming from everywhere in a period of time spanning several decades, also here to a larger extent, are very nice, funny, amusing, tender and cute.

Thanking the people who lovingly collected and shared these time capsule-like better world, where gals were enjoying music and having good time and not, for example, only shopping for... shoes and the like:-)))

Enjoy, as I did...

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