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Sunday, May 25, 2014

From Switzerland - Acoustic Session with Fanny Leeb

With compliments of Stenheim - Swiss Made Audio Excellence, thanking Serge Schmidlin (of Audio Consulting fame) and Jean-Pascal Panchard (Stenheim's CEO), I am handling and deeply enjoying this superb recording, an EP of exceptional beauty and extremely nicely sounding.

It's not new music, female vocals, piano, percussions and acoustic guitar... BUT this 2 tracks-only sampler disk - an EP - has mojo and the recording, made in a natural venue - i.e. L'Espace Consonance in Saxon, Switzerland using Neumann U47, M49, M50, SM2 and Violet/Gaberel mikes is of seldom heard quality.

Fanny's voice is wonderful and wonderfully captured, as is the piano.

... and, yes, the monitoring was made through Stenheim's Alumine speakers.

... something worth further investigation... talking about Stenheim audio, amps and speakers, and Fanny Leeb, of course.

Thanking Serge... for being Serge and Jean-Pascal and Stenheim of Switzerland for the cool, musical present.

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