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Monday, May 26, 2014

Schick 14 idler-wheel turntable, with Schick 12 inches arm and resin bespoke headshell

Asked Thomas about his superb "Schick 14" idler-wheel turntable and here is his reply... and some hi-rez pixes...  WOW!

"Price is not clear yet, since I have to get price for idler and bearing, but it will be in the range of a full refurbished vintage idler wheel with plinth.

No fantasy prices like most other 'invent'.

The superb motor... best money can buy... as per Thomas' saying.

The die-cast platter...

The resin plinth surface... 

Master... aehm, masked Thomas and the platter...

The story behind it is:

The plinth material is very good and tested with 'your' Commonwealth.

CW is rare, so I thought of a modern day alternative.

The 14 inch record platter from a Neumann cutting lathe inspired me.

The 14 inch diameter vastly enlarges the flywheel effect and thus effective mass of the platter.

Yet it is not so heavy, the bearing will not be stressed and thus quiet.

Motor is the best you can get today, programmed to have very gentle current ramps.

This makes very little rattle, if you hold the motor in the hand you can hardly tell it is running.

Yet it is much more powerful than any motor used in vintage record players...
and they were not weak!

The platter is cast from aluminium.  

The material has very little tensions. This gives an ideal resonsce patter for easy damping."

Great job, Thomas... GREAT job, indeed!

P.S. - don't be fooled by bruised aluminium platter finish, as seen on above pixes... it's a prototype and finish isn't the final, definitive shiny, polished surface. The on/off knob is also a joke.


Beau said...

Tell Thomas that as far as I am concerned he can leave the platter with the brushed look. I much prefer that to the polished platters found these days.

Unknown said...

Asked Thomas about his superb "Schick 14" idler-wheel turntable and here is ...