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Monday, May 19, 2014

Munchen Waxes - "Doc Watson and Son" on Vanguard Stereolab VSD 79170

One of the (shame on me) several vinyl discs I bought, cheap or less cheap, during M.O.C....

A minty copy of Doc and Merle Watson on Vanguard, Vanguard Golden Label... I'm not an huge fan of ol' Doc, only owns a couple of discs, an amazing live double album, always on Vanguard... amazing playing and recording quality and a superbly captured audience...

I guess I listened to the above ten years ago.

This VERY disc I knew for being Doc's first, with its black & white pix and father and son beautiful, honest faces and acoustic guitars  blinked me at Fenn Music, a few days ago, in Munchen.

Paid a pizza for this old, pristine copy... when back home, I played it as the first disc and... cannot believe at the beauty and zestness of Doc's powerful voice and beauty, mellowness and details in spades.

A 2Die4 disc... a Superdisc... my Gotorama is steaming like an Appalachian train... the mouth harp joke where Doc call for "mama" is a dream of dynamics and Doc is using a zillion years old incredibly crisp Martin's, not the Gallagher's he then played for decades.

I suggest you go find your copy and enjoy a simple, natural voice and loose you in the humble complex sound of two acoustic guitars and a (great) voice.

Your ears and audio system will smile.

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