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Monday, May 12, 2014

Rollei 35

I recently decided to undust and use again my old, trusty little cutie, the Rollei 35... found a 1,35V adapter in UK to use non-mercury oxide cells as previously used and now discontinued and still have a correct light-meter reading and felt goose-bumps while feeding the B/W film in the camera...

Such an old timey, Zen act... I realized I didn't use ANY old, analog camera in the last nine years... NINE years, yes.

I wish to reappropriate myself with the art of choosing a subject, to think about shooting and frame and not using this faaaar too common iPhone/Digital camera syndrome... hey, it's easy, it's free...

A film add drama to taking any picture... it's eye & soul archery vs. lazily and random shooting... and Arjuna is my hero!

Then will - I hope - enjoy again the time lapse waiting for the printing.

A renaissance... almost an awakening.


P.S. - I've been asked about the cell adapter - I recently bought it at Small Battery Company in London and the part is called MR-9, Made in Japan, which thanking a tiny built-in diode is able to lower a conventional and easily available watch and general purposes Duracell 1,55V to the 1,35V needed for correct light metering, as previously performed by the now banned and discontinued PX13 and 625 mercury-oxide cells. Worth pointing it out, the mercuric-oxide and the silver oxide cells have the same character to do not change their voltage - like other cells do - during their lifespan, but to keep it up to specs... 'til they abruptly pass away... The above mentioned MR-9 also comes with a Duracell 386 silver-oxide cell, included in the order.


Hans said...

May you tell us where you found the battery-adapter?

Yours Hans

twogoodears said...

Hi Hans and thanks for your question... I found the MR-9 Made in Japan adapter which has a tiny built-in diode whose function is lowering the 1,5V of a conventional and easily found silver-oxide Duracell, included with the above mentioned part, to the 1,35V needed for a correct light-meter measurement. I bought from Small Battery Company in London for small money.
Enjoy, Stefano