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Thursday, May 22, 2014

M.O.C. Files - Vinyl records washing machine frenzy

Yes, first was Keith Monk's...

It was a washing machine frenzy, at last Munchen's M.O.C.... everybody was showing variations of old KMAL - a spinning platter, one, two, even three arms with distilled purified water and cleaning solutions and suctioning dirty water from the virgin-again grooves... Nessie, Okki, Hannl, but only KLaudio, a S. Korean/USA joint-venture company with their KD-CLN-LP200 model and Kuzma from Slovenia with their prototype - only a spinning motor and drying nice array, as the Cavitek by Allendale Ultrasonic Co. UK was not included in the offer - were cleverly on Audio Desk Systeme's path, the first and, maybe, the best of this new breed - i.e. easily, conveniently cleaning both sides and drying, giving a perfectly clean disc in a single, some minutes long shot.

People - myself included - were running, discs in hands, to try this or that, then rushing to a friendly booth to ask for auditioning the cleaning effectiveness.

A new interactive way of meaning an Audio Fair, more reminding a village fair, where everyone was collaborating in the name of... you name it...

My already quoted Muddy Waters'  "Folk Singer" original pressing copy was flawlessly cleaned two times at KLaudio and then auditioned two times and the results were really top notch.

Thanks goes to them for their kindness.  

When back home, I repeated the washing cleaning with my Audio Desk Systeme and the already good results were further improved as the German-made RCM uses four rotating brushes which are even more effective in removing also the smaller debrises and dust bugs.

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