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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lundahl LL-6810 PHMPHM - The best cable in the world?

Cannot say, pals... yet, if looking for a definitive solution to those gremlins-like mains induced hums which, sometimes, afflict our audio systems, well...

This cable with built-in 1:1 transformer giving a perfect signal/electric galvanic separation is simply said The Best money can buy... using Mogami cable, as a plus: the mike and recording studios cables worldwide, no frills and really pro.

No voodoo, alien materials or twisting sciamanic techniques, as taught by Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan... no claims for bringing Jimi or Miles in your music room, in flesh and bones... but against annoying hums and buzzing coming from badly earthed mains line, WOW!

Only good workmanship and materials and impeccable sonic and trouble-shooting results.

What the hell, why asking for more? Who cares if the packaging isn't apricot wood box from Iran or wood from the doors of Ishfan:-)

Per Lundahl is a gentleman and his stuff is built with an eye to the ears and one to the wallet.

Made in Sweden perfection, no jokes.

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