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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lifatec's "Silflex" Toslink/Toslink glass digital 20" audio cable

I'm getting more life-like music with Lifatec's Toslink fiberglass 20" cable, folks... this unassuming white string is incredibly performing... used between my old, trusty Meridian 500 and 563 24-bit converter instead of the previous reference, the coaxial Actinote.

I already had the Mac mini-plug to Toslink I use with my MacBook Pro for some (primitive) liquid music, mostly radio streaming from iTunes... nice... BUT when I yesterday linked the above mentioned gears with the Silflex'...

From Lifatec's literature:

  • Our cables exceeds the 15Mbps data rates required by Toshiba's best TOSLINK OPTICAL MODULES.
  • 470 Audio Data SILFLEX Glass Fiber Optic strands
  • SILFLEX Glass Fibers are custom designed & manufactured to match the NUMERICAL APERTURE & WAVELENGTH requirements of TOSLINK OPTICAL MODULES
  • Connector end tips are precision machined
  • Our NEW OPTISILK jacketing is extremely flexible, lightweight and durable.
  • An additional Internal polymer sheathing & a Kevlar strength member makes this the most durable audio cable on the market
  • Fiber Optic end tips are polished to a 1 micron optical finish

From my ears: as I told you, I'm getting more life-like music with Lifatec's Toslink fiberglass 20" cable, period.

Light, airy and natural sound... a loooot of new details from well known disks, not bass shy, only a different music and frequencies balance... someway easier to the ear, no frills beauty, no exagerations on any frequency.

Truly a great performance, indeed.

My new reference: cheap and effective cable from a true specialist.

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