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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bottesini's Capriccio di Bravura for double-bass

This evening it was my VERY first time I attended at a concert where this INCREDIBLE piece for double bass and piano was played...

I cherished my Telefunken's disc, where maestro Ludwig Streicher gives an impressive rendition of this and other Bottesini's beautiful pieces, for years... and looking from first row at the left hand flying over the whole fretboard is, well... magic.

Bottesini's music is pure belcanto... the huge instrument transforms itself into a new sooo light and poetic gentle giant... a tenor voice seems to appear and you... aehm, I discovered me humming during the concert...

For the definitive version, please buy this...

... still available quite easily on Ebay or here for small bucks...

... but I learned this evening that Gergely Járdányi,  the double-bassist from Budapest, 56 years old, shown in the pixes, recently recorded Bottesini's masterpieces on Hungaroton label.

... not by chance, mr. Jardanyi studied with Prof. Ludwig Streicher, in Wien.

Class isn't water... but a looooot of dedication and passion and study is necessary for flawlessly playing Bottesini... and everything else:-)

“Beauty of music you must hear twice.”–James Joyce, Ulysses  

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