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Thursday, February 20, 2014

IKEA - Save Expedit!!!

Ikea will be possibly deleting from their catalog the beloved Expedit vinyl discs shelving system...


Ikeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... don't do it... if the case give Expedit a back to avoid LPs slipping!

... but deleting will be unwise and silly!



Unknown said...

Oh man that's bad news. Looks like I need to purchase another soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Stefano, there will be a successor with slightly thinner outer frame to make it look more streamlined. As I know, the rest will be nearly the same, i.e. vinyl friendly compartment size. :)

Regards, Jonathan

P.S. very good blog btw. and very interesting gear you have (esp. Gotorama speakers, would love to listen to those.)

Anonymous said...

This site is a good read on that topic:

twogoodears said...

Thanks, Jonathan... cool post.

Unknown said...

If the sides are thinner I'd be concerned about the weight of all that vinyl.