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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jack Johnson's From Here Now to You

WOW... what a disc... it seems a 300 grams:-))) vinyl and the sound is pure Hawaiian (not in the Gabby Panhuini's vein) laid back music...  acoustic and nylon strings guitars, ukelele, tiples, baritone, hand percussions and nice vocals...

From a surfer's son - Jack is - nice after-surfing music, on the beach in front of a fire.

My Gotorama - thanking Garrardzilla and The Peak arm with Lumiere DST - is singing like a blackbird in a springtime morning... Jack and his cohort were - thanks folks - in my room for almost one hour.

Do not think it's Blonde on Blonde or Pink Moon... yet, it's an easy, nice wax... worth every cent and gram... the cover, the sky and clouds says it all about the music.

What a disc, pals.

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