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Monday, February 17, 2014

Disc of the Month - Piers Faccini - Between Dogs and Wolves vinyl package

Thanking Silvia Boschero and her "Moby Dick" radio program on (italian) Radio RAI 2's waves,  on air every evening at 9 p.m., I was cocooned in bed, with last Mojo magazine, just got in my mailbox and... pure perfection after daily job.

... and something happened several times - I was caught by a song, a voice, an acoustic guitar coming from by B&O red Beolit radio... at first seconds I guessed it was some obscure Nick Drake's outtakes or newly found recordings or something...

The song ended and I heard for the very first time the name of the artist... Piers Faccini... English-born, but apparently an italian family name, singing in straight English, living in France and singing randomly in French.

I got a pen and quickly took a reminder of this name...

The day after, I Googled about him and... ordered a limited edition vinyl disc (and complimentary disk) from his cool french site - he happily lives in France since 10 years - coming with an elegant clothbound cover red book and a CD with some classy covers by Bert Jansch/Anne Briggs, Bruce Springsteen, Martin Carthy, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, June Tabor, Pino Daniele et al.

The title? Songs I love, of course.

Piers, son of italian parents, sings like an angel, with a burnished, woolly, confident, smooth voice and his acoustic guitar playing sure well digested the above masters, Nick Drake in primis.

Both discs, the cover and original tunes',  are a nice discovery and a nice addition to my discotheque.

I strongly invite everyone loving intimate, late evening listening to give a try to Piers' effort.

It's a sincere voice and, hey! The recording is, REALLY is, to die for!



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