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Thursday, May 28, 2015

WJAAS - A Japanese Adventure

These gentlemen, namely Jean Hiraga, Jean Laurent Veys, Andre Klein and Reinhard Huttenburg recently visited Japan for an audio full-immersion trip, a true, veritable adventure of a life: more than twenty premium horn loaded systems were visited and gatherings happened with lots of kampai, music and empathy...

Please read the trip chronicle here... more and more pixes and prose will be uploaded in the very next days, so stay tuned and follow the story.


1 comment:

Akarakrit Uamkruea said...

Hello Stefano,

Do you have information of opening date/time of Vintage Vanguard in Yokosuka Japan?

Any suggestion of interesting place to visit in Japan please let me know.

I plan to visit Japan this month.

Thanks a lot.