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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saturday Afternoon Disk - Richter & Syn ‎– Nanebevzetí Anežky Marie Sněžné

Always and again thanking Poli5 and his boss... this afternoon I was (better) routing my system cables in my studio and listening to this nice disk I already enjoyed a couple of times in the last weeks... I was puffing and sweating and the Gotorama was playing in the background, a nice radio, you know...

While working I noticed that the music was so naturally fitting the room and the moment... the only idea popped in my mind was that the music was just right and a no-brainer, like breathing...

I realized I was listening and not listening, at the same time.

It happens, sometimes... the out-of-axis listening can be as rewarding as the most concentrated, centered-between-the-speakers... you loose focus and detailing, but you sort-of appreciate the music as a matter of fact, naturally.

I'm sure not a philosopher, so I've not the words and skills to better deepens my thoughts, yet I feel that music needs an open, clean mind... I dare: an emptied mind to be filled by the easy complexities of music...

A non-ordinary world where thinking isn't a need... where cosmic osmosis works flawlessly.

Where clouds shapes doesn't seem animals...

... they are, for example, a rabbit.

Do you a favor: dig this disk...  you'll recognize echoes of Canterbury prog, Faust, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, but it remains truly unique and its own...  also if I cannot spell the disk title, I love it for its hic et nunc quality and its ability to dress space and time, like it happened this afternoon, in my studietto.



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