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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Time, sex and music or when less is more…

… sometimes.

What’s going on?

Am I tired of behemoth speakers, multiamping, complications and multiple ON/OFF procedures?

No, not really…  I nonetheless find myself quite partial vs. the smaller audio system: Partridge/300B monoblocks, Luxman AT3000, EMT 930st, Telefunken M15-A, Studer A730 and Cabasse Dinghy 221…  all Actinote cables throughout.

I mean I consider the larger Gotorama/Garrardzilla system like the prize and consolation after an heavy week or when I’ve all the time needed to dig a record or an author, loosing myself in music, 100% time-unconcerned and unworried.

This reminds me that not always you have lengthy sex with candles lights, oil massages and two spare hours to enjoy it with your loved one.

Sometimes the sex we have is just “sex”, not really making love, taking care each others and we -  sort-of – are in a hurry or so.

Music, sex… talking about pleasures of life.

Maybe - and this SURE happens – I find myself more open to fully enjoy the bigger system in a lazy, great, relaxed, rainy, cold Saturday afternoon when I REALLY wish to enjoy two or three full discs in a row… when the above mentioned complication of warming up the four Hiragas’ Class A power amps isn’t annoying but giving a sense of something special happening, soon.

The smaller system, as several of my pals also appreciated and enjoyed, first hand is really nicely sounding… percentage, folks?

 I try to state a 70 percent pleasure of the larger system - i.e. the resolution and soundstaging is really great… dynamics?

Well the Cabasses’ 98 db/W/m sensitivity is a limit which makes the small combo giving shivers only with smaller sized music, but they are nonetheless a truly great speaker.

A well kept secret... but just ask Franco, Daniele, Christian, Wolfgang, Edoardo, Andrea, Mario, Fabio, Jean... when time is pretty right, listening to Gotorama really makes me happy, feeling alright, with its almost healing power.

I strongly wish for this 30% more... and have it.

The above thoughts make me considering “time” as the greatest variable in pleasure… you know, when we say, when flying, for instance - this four hours long flight never ends… it seems I've been in this aircraft for 48 hours, now… and the like…  

Pleasure : time = music : sex

Mind is so mysterious and the truest pleasures needs time and relaxation to let the magic to happens… opening chakras isn’t an ON/OFF operated switch.

It happens, when conditions are pretty right, period.

Seeking for this sought-after 100% enjoyment can be tricky, pals.

… yet, much rewarding and unforgettable.

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SteveG said...

I am to the point (61 yrs old)that I want to simply too, after years of having too many active formats and too much equipment. I just want it to sound fairly good to my declineing ears and work with minimium attention. Hey,the clock is ticking!