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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Munchen Random Selfies and Portraits...

It happened... not thinking that it was a show in the show... the people behind those gears is as important (and more...) than the displayed stuffs.

That's my opinion.

So here is a selection... I apologize for being in some of the pixies... don't call me a pimp or even worst...

Me and Thomas Schick 

Wolfgang Braun and me 

Andreas Jungblut of Audiophile HiFi Produkte, me and Christoph Oester of Atelier Oester  

Karen and me 

Attilio Caccamo from Sicily, Italy 

Simone Lucchetti from Rome 

Gianpietro Schembri and me

Amedeo Schembri and his Viva! 

 ... at Horch booth, with Stellavox...

Me with baby horn, Markus Klug and Annette, his lovely wife.

Mr. Van den Hul, The Man... with his new amazing turntable 

Mr. Van den Hul and me... both broad smiles strong handshake and lysergic ties... 

Baron Tim de Paravicini and me 

Mr. Cheng of Silbatone, The Boss. 

Suzuki-san, the C.E.O. of G.I.P. from Japan and handsome, great Sachiko... lot of fun, yesterday evening! 

In blue sky shirt, Timothy Gurney (and other friends...) 

Me and baby Klug horn

Dr. Burkhardt Schwabe of Eternal Arts

Francois Saint-Gerand and Joe Roberts, enjoying his meal...

... and - later - a full spoon of dairy cream and cake, as well...

I feel that humbly showing the above pixes gives just an hint of the turbillon of meetings and people... a tesseract more of the whole game...

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