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Thursday, May 14, 2015

München uber alles!

My third time at M.O.C., folks... every time I get shocked, as the variety of the dynamics among people, gears, music (and noise), chatting, learning, sharing, teaching (sometime happens...) is always surprisingly giving goose-bumps to yours truly.

People who know me look at me like I'm nut... always enthusiast and positive, but... I cannot do nothing different: I'm simply, plainly, sincerely happy here in Munchen...

Missing Laurence, Britta and other friends... nonetheless, the mix is simply explosive in a positive way.

I must confess i'm quite tired and bored of hyper shiny blinking like prostitutes lined up along the street.

I'm attracted by small, family owned companies, artisans, no corporates.

My fault.

Some highlights of the day: Joe Roberts, my mentor, of course... Mr. Cheung and his Silbatone Shrine, the place where to listen great music in G.I.P. from Japan glorious sound, powered by Silbatone's and fueled by Thomas Schick turntable and vinyl only and meet friends, old and new: Tim Gurney, Frank Schroder, Thomas Schick, Thomas Mayer and Hildegard, Christian Bayer, Wolfgang Braun, Peter Reinders, J.C. Morrison and his cute daughter and handsome wife... then meeting K.L. Eichmann from Australia, bringing a small goodies suitcase... then Karen and his husband and the witty Randall Patton... a truly great guy!

... and how to forget Horch House's master tapes dubs... expensive but very, very high quality, also displaying Stellavox' and Studer B62's for the eyes joy.

... and Simone Lucchetti and Mary and their GREAT analog related nuggets... tomorrow I'll keep the best pixies I can of his 14 inches graphite arm... such a beauty!

This italian gentleman truly deserve a success... I mean a BIG blast of celebrity... his dedication and honesty and being such a friendly relaxed guy are a statement for our passion.

Small companies, I wrote...

Axinia Schafer's Acoustical Systems and Dieter are always brewing their great stuffs... the Archè headshell, of course and many more.

Andreas Jungblut and Christoph Oester impressed your truly a lot... their solid bronze room resonators - built after the voodoo-teachings of Dieter Ennemoser of C37 fame - will be tried and tasted and reviewed in the very next days, after using them all in my studio.

Chatting with Christoph made me to find my own joy in lathing and playing with raw materials to make my very own audio parts...

Homo Faber... a Man who makes Something with His Own Hands... that's my dream, something I feel to be able to heal the planet shortcomings... and audio as a niche-passion, as well.

Over for today... has been a loooong day which began at 3.45 A.M.

Shutting off.

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