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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Thing

I saw something similar handled by the late Bo Hansson (of Rauna of Sweden and Opus 3 records fame)... he used these (plastic) adapters with his Telefunken M15A open-reel tape recorder... look at right spool here below.

Apparently not simply an higher, oversized NAB adapter... but - maybe - someway looking like a 2 inches tape-reel adapter, cannot say 100% from the pix.

Almost impossible to find - at least I never found it anywhere on the WEB - I finally had one pair bespoke made for my personal use: hand made/machined in solid aluminium, which I'll have anodized in the very next hours.

A labour of love.

This way, I'll be both able to use my NAB-cores tapes in pancake or the classic, complete tape reels, always using the superb Telefunken's DIN reels holders.



N-set said...

Dear Stefano! I've been reading with a big interest your posts on reel-to-reel and started thinking myself about getting a good deck :)) As a user of the legendary Tlf M15A how would you describe the sound of your machine? I'm sure you had a chance to listen to many R2R, what is special about M15A's sound?


twogoodears said...

The mechanical beauty and cool smooth tape spinning... a special machine for playback and editing... BUT for sound, nothing sounds better than my Tim de Paravicini/Revox G 36 high speed...