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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Beauty, culture and live, lively music from "L'Accademia degli Antichi": a new-born reality in Vicenza

Alessandra Borin and Ilaria Fantin are two young musicians, a soprano and a lute players, respectively, and they sort-of had that special gift only youth owns... imaginative and sparkling ideas and enthusiasm, they in a few months were able to create something worth years of work and organizing in lesser, older hands.

A group of people, mostly young ladies, created a festival of acoustic, classical/popular music with large use of seldom represented music, instruments, and very esoteric beautiful venues in Vicenza (old) downtown... the Palladian masterpiece buildings hosts, in these days, "Pino de Vittorio & Laboratorio '600" (voice and theorbo, lute and harp for traditional songs from Southern Italy) - plainly said, FANTASTIC,  and "Cantsilena" trio presenting oud, rabab, percussions and voice,  a truly wonderful mix of modal, Eastern music and instruments and italian traditional texts from both Northern and Southern Italy... all three musicians were superbly performing and very down-to-earth, spending a lot of time with people after the concert showing instruments, chatting and sharing impressions; music was strongly reminding to me the Rene Clemencic's troubadours recordings from early '70s on Harmonia Mundi... beautiful.


This evening will be "Piccola Bottega Baltazar", traditional songs from Veneto, Italy and tomorrow "Claudia Bombardella", legends, instruments and voices from the World.

I already know the next concerts will be - like the two above mentioned - surprising, enriching and something which will be carved in my soul and memory... I bet it.

Follow "L'Accademia degli Antichi" of FB, folks... it appears they will be a goldmine of new music and, believe me, they "know" the rare pleasure and importance of musicians meeting people after the concerts, which is something - as both Alessandra and Ilaria told me yesterday evening - something very, VERY sought after by ancient music and classical musicians, deeply lamenting the gap usually found between stage and audience... greatly missing meeting and sharing emotions with passionate people attending the event.

I agree the academic vs. real, everyday life relationship REALLY needs to be changed... like hand-clapping often doesn't express ALL the pleasure coming for music and performance... so - why not - hooray for: whistling, politely shouting, down to finger-snapping, perfect for small venues:-)))

Musicians need to meet people... to know if and what they liked, to transform "music" into "living music"... the looong years of studying - this way - make sense and give satisfaction after EVERY concert.

Furthermore, music and musicians and listeners GREATLY improve their bonding and relationship and music remains lively and fresh...

Let's turn off our TV-sets, folks... listening to music and concert going is the answer for better living:-)

Thanking Franco Pavan and Pino de Vittorio (also deeply thanking Franco and Bela Bartok for "The tree of chanting" definition,  Ilaria and Alessandra for beauty and cleverness, Peppe Frana for his oud suggestions and Paolo Rossetti and Alberto Ferraro for empathy.

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