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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holy Grail Dept. - Neumann DST-62 Tondosen

Yes, folks... I'm VERY partial toward this Holy Grail of a Cartridge...

I ONLY listened to it once, in a audio friend system, used with an EMT 997 Banana arm and a Thorens TD-124... my old, previously owned Quad ESL (57) bronze were also part of the magic.

It was a butter white bakelite early sampler, reading flawlessly at 5 grams.

I still swear it was THE best cartridge I ever listened to,  period.

... forgettin' to say:  my friend paid it EUR 300 or so, back in early '90s... boxed, brand new, unused, with paper guarantee... previous owner who bought from an italian collector in his 70+... he was worried about the 6 grams VTF needed... and, more, didn't had an EMT-mount arm suitable for it!

So goes the world...

Few weeks ago my friend Roberto (tresaino) and his pal and audio truffle-dog:-) Pierre and, I guess, other friends I do not know personally, found and tried a pristine Neumann "black" DST-62...

This nugget proved to be silent, not-working, at all... a sad, SAD evenience... the shiny as-new bakelite head-shell looks almost offensive!

Same cart was then sold on Ebay for... a staggering USD 4.720, after 61 (yes...) bids...

Coils troubles... maybe.

Here are - thanking always GREAT LencoHeaven pals, and Roberto, Jean and Pierre - some nice quality pixes of the gem.

I trust and hope the wealthy buyer of this very cart will be able to solve and settle the issue which caused the embarassing, painful silence of this otherwise superb DST-62 sampler!

I'm also re-sharing some U. S. Neumann's agent, Gotham Audio Corp. literature scans

and an old post concerning the Neumann/Beyer SUT I acquired, years ago... and which I still enjoy.

Anyway, back to DST-62... I wish everyone - myself included, of course - lucky enough to find such a Neumann's cartridge for 50 bucks:-)...

Happy hunting!

Thanking Golliver's audio-toons:-)


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