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Thursday, November 15, 2012


The silence is Gold, but music is Silver.

Yes, folks... after some days now using the Audio Consulting's 0,5 mm solid-core silver/white cotton speakers cable in Gotorama I know I'll never finish this crazy game, playing around and fiddling to further improve my audio system, again and again...

I mean that also minor changes like "only" swapping my previous old Siemens' "Klangfilm" multi-strand cables for Serge's silver cables brought to me a new level of resolution which is difficult for me to express in a someway "unfriendly" language like English - de facto - is.

... and I'm not talking about only of the a.m. speakers cables, as also the RCA's cables are used, now...

Nonetheless, I try... could be enough saying  I do not need to use other TacT's EQ pre-sets BUT the flattest Franz Hinterlehner and myself did, some months ago...

What does it means?

IMO, the AC's silver speakers and RCA signal cables work as a combo... I tried to use only for one or two Hiraga's amps, BUT the effect of smoothness and relaxed detailing, someway different from the previous detail I previously got, was only "here" with the whole combo in use.

Considering that also Mayer's line-stage, LCR phono-stage and crossover are COMPLETELY wired with silver cable... hmmm, that makes me think.

ALL cables are brand-new and still burning-in... the difference - vs. old cabling - is almost incredible, as every new listening-session (since I began using AC's cabling) is better than previous one...

This didn't happen so often... the previous cables were sure "equalizing", while the silver cables are flatter, more neutral and natural... less flashy, BUT much more ears and music friendly, yet incredibly dynamic and transparent, BUT not edgy.

In the recent past, after beginning using Thomas Mayer's 4-ways crossover, I noticed that the gain level was paramount for a given instrument or music and I was setting volume very, VERY carefully and properly, obtaining the most satisfactory result.

A sort-of new self-consciousness, I called it... the music and resolution - i.e. - recordings ambience and noises and instruments timbre and harmonic decay - are sublimely embedded to each other, like a whole.

I do NOT perceive or experience sounds AND music or recording AND ambience or imaging and soundstaging but as a whole, brand-new"thing", owning a sense of cohesiveness seldom, VERY seldom, heard, everywhere BUT during a live concert... best seats, I mean:-)

Now, about ten months after Thomas' masterpiece crossover entering Gotorama's, the Schmidlin's cables are one more ingredient to the final recipe... if Goto's are the premium "beef" and Mayer's crossover the olive wood for the "fire", the new silver cables represents the "salt".

The other ancillary gears, Garrardzilla, Schick's arm, Lumiere DST, Hiraga's Class A amps, etc. etc. are a nicely dressed table I take care of.

... and discs... master-tapes... disks...  Music?

What's it?

... maybe... a landscape we cannot stop watching, breatheless.


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