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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Giorgio Foschi - the italian reel-to-reel maverick

I knew him years ago... Giorgio is fond of recording and tapes and recorders and microphones since he wore short trousers... he became an accomplished technician, open-reel and studio gears his speciality.

Strange indeed he was also technical/maintenance assistant to the late Tomas Gallia at Angelicum in Milan, many years ago... and I learned it only recently.

Giorgio (and other friends) recently visited me for some music... we had a good time enjoying some first generation master-tapes on my Telefunken's M15A in Gotorama glorious sound...

Here is a groundshaking new, pals...

Giorgio is involved in a very, VERY esoteric project: producing 1:1 master-tapes for the discerning music, audio and open-reel lovers.

Yes, you read it... not analog master tapes to produce vinyls or disks...

1/4 inches, 15 i.p.s. CCIR eq. half-speed mastering master-dub tapes with an embedded quality/originality watermark... yes!!!

Amateur recording is increasingly difficult, these days: musicians are afraid to be hi-jacked, unpaid for their musicanship and art; for this reason many tape recorders owners and lovers only own one or two tapes to be used on their Revox, Nagra, Uher, Teac, Sony's... whatever:-)

The dubbing facility is a truly world-class studio... a dozen of carefully tested and aligned - a Giorgio's labour of love - Telefunken M15As are connected to a Studer A80 "mother tape reproducer" playing the master-tape... Syncro and... voila'.

OK, ok... also about 1,3 km (yes!) cables are used to connect the behemoth.

Hi-end dubbing is possible... without loosing quality after duplicating.

More infos will be available soon... including price-tags and titles available.

Giorgio Foschi (at right) - Milan, Sept. 2012

The recording samplers I recently heard are very, VERY nice...  music, recording and playing.

A braveheart project, indeed: I wish to Giorgio and his partners the VERY best!

A success that, considering class and energy involved in the project itself, these people deserve.

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