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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Podium… aehm, 2nd...

… well, folks… this amazed and embarrassed me, indeed… but also pleased me and made me feel nicely for my humble sharing stuffs… so thanks to Audio Federation folks for the appreciation… I appreciated it, as well.

Drum roll… roll… roll…
By shear breadth of coverage and frequency of posts, these guys are dominating the blogosphere in the Audiophile World. The stories are not as in-depth as we would like, and hardly any thought pieces, but these guys have tapped the mainline of what is happening in high-end audio.
Something about the vibe; the immediacy of the portrayal of a life of an audiophile; the international, welcoming feel that makes this a water-cooler type hub for what is happening in the Audiophile World. A nice place to hangout.
3. Can’t think of a 3. [Not that there aren’t a ton of good ones, but none seem to stand out as I write this]

Matej truly is # 1… but, hey… I'm # 2.

Better being second among the best than first among the worst…


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