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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Disc of the Day - Fritz Hauser - SoloDrumming (Hat Hut Records 1985)

Found at a local flea market, this morning… own several Hat Hut Records discs, all made in Switzerland and containing among the most adventurous music ever recorded and composed or performed… this percussions solo recording, direct-to-digital, recorded in a 7 seconds reverberation venue in Berlin, in April 1985 is… AWESOME!

Mr. Hauser plays marimbas, drums and assorted cymbals and percussions in perfect, mystic loneliness… it's a dream of polyrhythms and extraordinary music… ancient, strange, weird, timeless and new…

The large acoustic recording venue, a restored glass ceiling HUGE building beautifully serves the music…

Dynamics are EXPLOSIVE… my audio system was shining while playing this superb wax.

It reminds to me some Pierre Favre's or Han Bennick's music… pushing the listener to the limits, and making it vanishing boundaries of music and composing.

A nice find, indeed.

Several copies available on Discogs, if interested…

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