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Friday, December 19, 2014

Dekuji Mnohokrat, Josef Jindrák!

Life isn’t easy, but though, at times… that’s why I love music.

What music does, its healing power, is medicine and honey for the wounded soul.

Among music lovers, it’s so surprisingly pleasant to get a small gift, unexpected as it can be… yesterday, I got a small packet from Praha, Czech Republic, containing two Iva Bittova disks I ordered some days ago… she’s one of my most beloved musicians, ever… her voice, violin, small assorted percussions and, most of all, musical vision, are of seldom heard beauty.

The seller - Josef Jindrák,  the owner and founder of the here below quoted record label - so gladly put in the packet also a complimentary disk, a compilation of a Czech record label called Poli5/Rekomando titled “Vlna Poli5 (Eintopf II)”.

Out of curiosity, I simply HAD TO listen first to this disk… before the sought after Bittova’s disks…

This disk contains something the seller, and here blossoms the empathy among music lovers, also when involving a deal: music on this CD proved to be in same vein than Ms. Bittova’s… a mix of jazz, prog, ethnic, avant-garde, folk… all the 17 tracks are performed by Czech musicians, whose sound someway, maybe due to the language, keep a quite common foundation.

… Federsel & Makela, Tomas Vipitil, Sousedi, FAQ, Richter & Syn, Levi-Faix, Durman/Posejpal Little Vissions (…), Kora et le Mechanix… names which sounds exotic like the music itself… it sure comes from the boundaries of the empire, out of mainstream rock or currently air-played around.

Voices are unpolished, raw, at times and the language-related songs metrics superimpose on A-B-A-B song-format and music shines.

Musicians use cheap guitars, sometimes, but nonetheless the recordings are top-class, music sounds zesty and beautiful, new to the ears, surprisingly fresh and beautiful.

I played this disk two times in a row and later, yesterday evening, also for a friend visiting my place for an evening of music.

So… thanks, MANY thanks to the Discogs’ seller who made my day… no, not for the complimentary disk, only… but, for some music I greatly appreciated and enjoyed.

Dekuji mnohokrat, Josef Jindrák!

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