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Sunday, December 7, 2014

The (Patti) Smiths, Dec. 6th, 2014

I always loved Patti and her music and aesthetics… her Easter is in my Desert Island list, for containing two seminal, anthemic songs - i.e. Because the Night and Ghost Dance.

Yesterday evening, Patti and her son Jackson (el. guitar) and daughter Jesse Paris (piano), with Tony Shanahan (el. bass and acoustic guitar), was the supremely empathic, sweet, poetic, cool, rock goddess for full packed Teatro Comunale in Vicenza, Italy.

The drum-less combo was really, REALLY awesome for cohesion and power and the sound, THE SOUND, folks… truly hi-end concert… hearing from 6th row electric guitar nicely played by Jackson… fingers sliding on strings, Fender amp humming and great distorting…

Patti's voice, well… awesome: communicative, strong, perfect.

Her introducing pieces were - sort-of - quietly hinting to non-violent revolution, giving power to the people against wars, governments, evil and religious fights around…

She hinted several times about upcoming Christmas and the love among people ideal, singing little humble, delicate lullabies "cause, well, I got older but never really grew up"…

Yes… keeping the kid inside alive… that's the tricks, indeed.

Patti also told the audience she recently became grandma of her son Jackson… you'd bet?

Her grandson was christened… Frederick.

Because the Night, well… all the theater was singing, like at a party.

… while performing "Because the Night"...

Musical communion.


I very seldom enjoyed a live concert as I did, yesterday… sound was p-e-r-f-e-c-t, loudness pretty comfy, I just felt at home with my friends Matthias, Giovanni, Gianni and Gianna.

… during a superb version of Ghost Dance, while singing unison with Patti's anthemic voice, tears of joy poured from my eyes… I felt the liquid on my cheek… enjoying the deep effect music had to me and my soul… to my whole being and essence.

… yet, shortly after, me and my pal Gianni were both howling like perfect, yet happy idiots, wolves on Boy Cried Wolf or singing Banga from her last album… or Birdland… wow!

… so, someone still says attending to live music is a waste of time and money, huh?

Sincerely thanking from my heart Patti for… being Patti… a once revolutionary rocker who now enjoys life and… well, eating truffles in a Vicenza's uphill restaurant and talking about Christmas isn't revolutionary, but evolutionary, in my opinion… she demonstrated that people have the power to change and to peacefully spend two hours like a family.

A next door, neighbor, iconic rock star.

A friend.

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