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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Disc of the Day - Fritz Hauser - SoloDrumming (Hat Hut Records 1985)

Found at a local flea market, this morning… own several Hat Hut Records discs, all made in Switzerland and containing among the most adventurous music ever recorded and composed or performed… this percussions solo recording, direct-to-digital, recorded in a 7 seconds reverberation venue in Berlin, in April 1985 is… AWESOME!

Mr. Hauser plays marimbas, drums and assorted cymbals and percussions in perfect, mystic loneliness… it's a dream of polyrhythms and extraordinary music… ancient, strange, weird, timeless and new…

The large acoustic recording venue, a restored glass ceiling HUGE building beautifully serves the music…

Dynamics are EXPLOSIVE… my audio system was shining while playing this superb wax.

It reminds to me some Pierre Favre's or Han Bennick's music… pushing the listener to the limits, and making it vanishing boundaries of music and composing.

A nice find, indeed.

Several copies available on Discogs, if interested…

Friday, December 12, 2014

Fly Jefferson Airplane - the movie

It's a great, nice little movie about one of my most beloved groups, ever…

It's really a rare opportunity of meeting the original components of the JA still alive and kicking and hearing from their voices assorted trivia about this or that…

Rare footages from Monterey festival, Perry Como's and Smothers' Bros. TV shows… Martha, Somebody to Love, Lather, Crown of Creations and other seminal songs… Jack Casady's thunderous bass, the rock Scott LaFaro, IMO… Jorma Kaukonen's Gibson and Paul Kantner's Rickenbacker...

... and Grace… her eyes… her voice!




Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Musings - The Director

When younger… aehm, I admit that REALLY was my guessing…

Monday, December 8, 2014

Miles Davis, Enrico Merlin, the 1000 records of XX Century and more...

Strange title, don't you?

We all know Miles, of course… but: who's Enrico Merlin?

… and what about the a.m. 1000 records?

I knew Enrico since - it was years ago - on Yo Miles! 3-disks-series by Wadada Leo Smith and Henry Kaiser, when I, someway baffled, read about this apparently Italian Miles' expert and scholar who knew and catalogued every Miles' gig and recording session… proud, also… but  further curiosity about this mysterious expert simply didn't click.

Then, some days ago, when visiting a friend at his place, he, Franco, was someway feverish at showing a book… a BIG book… 960 pages, actually…

I handled the book and… almost fell from my chair!

This guy knew them all… I began looking at the records quoted, pages and pages and pages of reviews of cool, famous and obscure, discs… I knew and recognized many, owning a good deal of them… but, hey… this man was amazing, I guessed…


From Peter Brtozmann to Art Ensemble of Chicago to any classic rock, progressive, avantgarde, classical… Steve Reich… I was mouth watering and in awe thinking at the immense opus I had in my hands.

Everything I always loved in adventurous music was here, for youngsters and posterity.


… and kudos.

My pal Edo immediately looked on Facebook for Enrico Merlin, the author… and immediately he found, sending him a friendship request, pronto.

While looking at the book, something clicked, at last…

… mumble, mumble…

Our host and landlord, Franco, looking at my interest, had a new ace in his hands and told me he knew mr. Merlin as an accomplished and nice guitarist and composer…

A quick shelf browsing and… voila'!

We were listening to Enrico Merlin's music… echoes of John McLaughlin, Michael Hedges, Hans Reichel, Henry Kaiser, Fred Frith, Derek Bailey, Richard Leo Johnson & Gregg Bendian… and Miles Davis' Bitches Brew atmospheres…


Got it… eureka… EUREKA!

… almost whispering, I asked, more to myself than my friends: … but is this the same Miles' scholar I read about years before?

Definitely so, folks…

This man knows, he knows

Few hours ago, I met Enrico on FB, of course… he lives only a couple hundreds km from my hometown… we chatted and chatted and chatted… pure empathy.

He shared his superb SoundCloud profile and… wow… WOW!

No hypes: I consider this strange meeting - which, IMO, needed the above someway silly foreword to be believed - a true gift… a musical and human gift.

Enrico Merlin is a music teacher, a performing and recording artist, a multi-instrumentalist, a journalist and a writer, a music historian and a nice, humble, yet sooo clever, cat, as well.

All the above is - maybe - usually found in a bunch of cool people, not a single… you need a small team to find all these qualities and skills… finding in the very same guy, well… it's a four-leaves clover!

I guess a typical Enrico's day is made of 36 hours, at least!

Seriously… mr. Merlin deserves all the appreciation for all and every of his creations: I immediately bought my copy of his books, the above mentioned 1000 records and a previous one about the making and background of seminal Bitches Brew… ordered, directly from him, the limited edition disk I appreciated at Franco's… Unframed… Straight Ahead!

More, in a tour-de-force, feverish search, I listened to Enrico's SoundCloud music and… again, WOW… discovered more and more cool music, Enrico and Paolo Fresu playing Tutu by Miles, live and… WOW, listened for the first time to NAD… Niu' Abdominaux Dangereux (…) a duo made of Roberto Zorzi and Nicola Salerno from Verona, Italy… their "Ghosts" is quoted in Enrico's book… but listening to Roberto Zorzi… Henry Kaiser, Captain Beefheart, Hans Reichel and his Daxophone, acoustic guitars to die for… the disc was made in 1989… eons ago and it seems recorded and played tomorrow.

As you possibly understand, I'm in love, pals… with all the above, as a new world is opening to my ears and heart.

Enrico is italian, like myself… and, I dare, as great, late Giorgio Gaber once sang… I (we) hate being italians, but thanking this of by misfortune, we are… proudly or not, he's truly making something with his books and music.

Some practical notes: the books about Bitches Brew and the 1000 records for one century are in Italian-only… but, BUT… do you a favor: buy it also if you don't speak or read any italian, at all…

The discs titles are there, anyway and the coolest of cool and everyone will be able to enjoy and get the coolest music suggestions available; the small price-tag of EUR 39 will be the best 39 euros you'll ever spent, period.

Just trust in yours truly, folks.

Thanks, Enrico… thanks for your HUGE sharing work… and has been such a pleasure meeting you.

Miles is looking at you with a grin from an orange Lamborghini, up there…

So what…

Enjoy… dig the above links and buy… BUY… and enjoy again.

A BIG thank you to Franco Poti for opening my eyes on the above.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Mechanic (2011)

A cool, hard, splatter, no-brainer movie for a lazy Sunday afternoon…

Shots, shots and shots… and no police, never, ever.

… the Killer (Jason Statham) is also an audiophile… tubes amp, turntable and get angry when the Apprentice (Ben Foster) touches the platter… more footage of SME arm and a red cartridge appears on and on… and the nylon anti skating wire becomes the device activating a bomb… clever, but politically (audiophile-wise) incorrect:-)

The chair of choice of the Killer in his audio room?

Eames' Lounge Chair and Ottoman, of course.

… a pleasant action movie… the OST by Mark Isham is also first class…

Enjoyed it.

The (Patti) Smiths, Dec. 6th, 2014

I always loved Patti and her music and aesthetics… her Easter is in my Desert Island list, for containing two seminal, anthemic songs - i.e. Because the Night and Ghost Dance.

Yesterday evening, Patti and her son Jackson (el. guitar) and daughter Jesse Paris (piano), with Tony Shanahan (el. bass and acoustic guitar), was the supremely empathic, sweet, poetic, cool, rock goddess for full packed Teatro Comunale in Vicenza, Italy.

The drum-less combo was really, REALLY awesome for cohesion and power and the sound, THE SOUND, folks… truly hi-end concert… hearing from 6th row electric guitar nicely played by Jackson… fingers sliding on strings, Fender amp humming and great distorting…

Patti's voice, well… awesome: communicative, strong, perfect.

Her introducing pieces were - sort-of - quietly hinting to non-violent revolution, giving power to the people against wars, governments, evil and religious fights around…

She hinted several times about upcoming Christmas and the love among people ideal, singing little humble, delicate lullabies "cause, well, I got older but never really grew up"…

Yes… keeping the kid inside alive… that's the tricks, indeed.

Patti also told the audience she recently became grandma of her son Jackson… you'd bet?

Her grandson was christened… Frederick.

Because the Night, well… all the theater was singing, like at a party.

… while performing "Because the Night"...

Musical communion.


I very seldom enjoyed a live concert as I did, yesterday… sound was p-e-r-f-e-c-t, loudness pretty comfy, I just felt at home with my friends Matthias, Giovanni, Gianni and Gianna.

… during a superb version of Ghost Dance, while singing unison with Patti's anthemic voice, tears of joy poured from my eyes… I felt the liquid on my cheek… enjoying the deep effect music had to me and my soul… to my whole being and essence.

… yet, shortly after, me and my pal Gianni were both howling like perfect, yet happy idiots, wolves on Boy Cried Wolf or singing Banga from her last album… or Birdland… wow!

… so, someone still says attending to live music is a waste of time and money, huh?

Sincerely thanking from my heart Patti for… being Patti… a once revolutionary rocker who now enjoys life and… well, eating truffles in a Vicenza's uphill restaurant and talking about Christmas isn't revolutionary, but evolutionary, in my opinion… she demonstrated that people have the power to change and to peacefully spend two hours like a family.

A next door, neighbor, iconic rock star.

A friend.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Podium… aehm, 2nd...

… well, folks… this amazed and embarrassed me, indeed… but also pleased me and made me feel nicely for my humble sharing stuffs… so thanks to Audio Federation folks for the appreciation… I appreciated it, as well.

Drum roll… roll… roll…
By shear breadth of coverage and frequency of posts, these guys are dominating the blogosphere in the Audiophile World. The stories are not as in-depth as we would like, and hardly any thought pieces, but these guys have tapped the mainline of what is happening in high-end audio.
Something about the vibe; the immediacy of the portrayal of a life of an audiophile; the international, welcoming feel that makes this a water-cooler type hub for what is happening in the Audiophile World. A nice place to hangout.
3. Can’t think of a 3. [Not that there aren’t a ton of good ones, but none seem to stand out as I write this]

Matej truly is # 1… but, hey… I'm # 2.

Better being second among the best than first among the worst…


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Statement Music Room

I’ve been wondering for days and days and days about my personal future and vision of audio… my audio system, buying and endlessly updating my audio system, never tired and always thirsty of new experiences for the sake of it.

I’ve been a music lover and a scholar for most of my life and I guess I’ll remain so for the remaining life left, yet, I cannot but regret about the most common habits around which also were my own - i.e.  changing gears after gears always rising the price-tags bar to reach the dreamed maximum.

I’m not that wealthy, folks… I’m an humble kichigai, a penny pincher, too… yet, I always applied to my passion a discipline concerning my goals and projects, trying to never loose the target; also: saving, downpaying stuffs, building stuffs myself, swapping stuffs and most of all, being curious and always listening to word-of-mouth around and listening to a lot of different music, unfeared.

My system is my very own, meaning that it’s a strange mix of mostly bespoke, hand-made and vintage gears, assembled with care and attention to details… BUT my system is also and most of all my room, a 35 square meters/128 cubic meters dedicated space, where - I swear - I live a sort-of parallel, part-time life made of sounds, colours, beauty and harmony.

The gears disappears, in this world… the room doesn’t contain the audio system… it IS the system.

Slightly moving - some inches are, sometimes, too much - the speakers is worth buying a new amp or preamplifier... and what an illumination when you  do understand it!

A few euros copper cable can be more right than a salon-type, mega-bucks cable… an hand-made, unknown arm can be MUCH better than a $$$$ sought-after arm and so on and on and on…

A recent talk with my pal Franz Hinterlehner of Elodis Austria brought us to evoke voodoo and using lizard tail powder to identify Hi End world… well, this is true and untrue… when you’re bothered or tired or annoyed by these knobs and tubes, you must, MUST turn it off… shutting down everything audio, turning your head to whatever you like, BUT audio…

In the last few months I sort-of had a more relaxed approach to audio: I improved my off-road motorbiking skill, took tons of pixies, adopted new, better life habits… read some paper books, yes.

I listened to music only when I needed and strongly wished doing so… while in the recent past - for months, actually - I was listening to music to finely tune my system, downgrading the poetry and power of music to a tool, I dare saying.


Looking for sound defects and correcting them is a necessary moment in an audiophile life… this is also a quite dangerous path, where you could end listening to - say -  ten discs… even to five discs containing… not a song, a tune, a movement but… low end, high end and spaciousness or depth of image.

Doing so, suddenly but definitely, you loose the target… music becomes more and more boring and lifeless to your soul and you stop caressing your most inner self… listening to your system isn’t satisfying, anymore…

It’s almost a job after daily job…

Every passion is pure oxygen and you must breathe it sparingly… only this way, never being obsessed and obsessive about this or that, you’ll enjoy music and the ancillaries giving it or whatever.

Listening only to jazz is boring… same to classical… folk, ethno, metal…

Motorbiking on tarmac, straight roads, never bending… puah!

Playing guitar always in key of A, in standard tuning is awful…

Women… dangerous territory, folks… will fly on this.

Men like being surprised, novelty, unknown and adventure… when I work for weeks around my system, changing, amps, wires, cartridges… well, the first moments when I’m able to appreciate the improvements are priceless!

My very pleasure is elongating this moment… it happened I had shivers for ten minutes or more, I swear… recently, while listening to Art Ensemble of Chicago’s live recording “Urban Bushmen” on ECM (the sought-after U.S. pressing mastered by Bob Ludwig), I remember I remained still, almost body-less and barely breathing, for 20 minutes - i.e. - a whole side length… - fearing to loose the magic, the beauty, deepness, uniqueness of music.

A satori.

As you possibly understand, I’m in love with music more than circuits and caps and irons… I’m almost sure I won’t buy more gears in the future, as I’m pretty sure I’ll search and dig and enjoy more and more music, untired of different music, pop or obscure, but for pleasure and satisfaction.

An humble hint, pals: don’t sell your gears before understanding pros & cons, buy a lot of music in any form you like and find a room which will enhance your musical enjoyment, not simply a shelf for the gears and speakers aside, but try to understand the difference of a system in a room and a room singing as a whole with electronics, etc.

Enjoy… as I do: I wish everyone to experience same emotions I feel, like being in tears of joy to the sound of a duduk or a dilruba or a shakuashi or a voice.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Disk of the week - Nederlands Blazers Ensemble & Iva Bittova - Dance of the Vampires (2002)

Ok... 2002 isn't a brand new disk, I agree... it's brand new for yours truly, but this live recording is pretty unique!

Iva Bittova superb voice and violin and the Blazers' winds and percussions from The Netherlands create a seldom heard aural world of folk, classical and progressive music...  something you'll have to squeeze and rub your ears for the surprise, in deep awe.

Superb! The recording is also marvellous, beautifully serving the music. Five stars.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The mighty GM100...

... which puts to shame WE212, 845, 211...


... at last...

Just enjoying... and thinking about the weirdness of using 1929 Cunningham CX310 triodes in line stage preamp and ITunes' files...

... when music is music is music...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

His Bobness' Facts - Bob Dylan Played a Live Show for Exactly One Person

The folk troubadour took the stage for a Swedish film series called 'Experiment Ensam'.

On top of paid paternity leave and free, government-subsidized health care, there has probably never been a better time to be a Swedish person. Why? Well, recently a 41-year-old Swedish man named Fredrik Wikingsson reportedly got to watch Bob Dylan and his band perform live at Philadelphia's Academy of Music. The kicker: he was the only person in the audience.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Jordi Savall's doubts and thoughs about politicians, music & intellectual honesty…

Jordi Savall renuncia al Premio Nacional de Música 2014


30 de octubre de 2014

Sr. José Ignacio Wert
Ministro de Educación, Cultura y Deportes
Gobierno de España

Distinguido Sr. Wert,
Distinguidos Señores del Jurado del Premio Nacional de Música 2014,

Recibir la noticia de este importante premio me ha creado dos sentimientos profundamente contradictorios y totalmente incompatibles: primero, una gran alegría por un tardío reconocimiento a más de 40 años de dedicación apasionada y exigente a la difusión de la música como fuerza y lenguaje de civilización y de convivencia y, al mismo tiempo, una inmensa tristeza por sentir que no podía aceptarlo sin traicionar mis principios y mis convicciones más intimas.

Lamento tener que comunicarles pues, que no puedo aceptar esta distinción, ya que viene dada de la mano de la principal institución del estado español responsable, a mi entender, del dramático desinterés y de la grave incompetencia en la defensa y promoción del arte y de sus creadores. Una distinción que proviene de un Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deportes responsable también de mantener en el olvido una parte esencial de nuestra cultura, el patrimonio musical hispánico milenario, así como de menospreciar a la inmensa mayoría de músicos que con grandes sacrificios dedican sus vidas a mantenerlo vivo.

Es cierto que en algunas contadas ocasiones he podido beneficiarme, a lo largo de más de 40 años de actividad, de alguna colaboración institucional: la celebración del V Centenario del descubrimiento de América, las pequeñas ayudas a giras internacionales y recientemente las invitaciones del Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical a presentar nuestros proyectos en Madrid. Pero igual que la inmensa mayoría de músicos y conjuntos del país, he seguido adelante solo con mi esfuerzo personal sin contar jamás con una ayuda institucional estable a la producción y materialización de todos mis proyectos musicales. Demasiado tiempo en que las instancias del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deportes que usted dirige continúan sin dar el impulso necesario a las diferentes disciplinas de la vida cultural del Estado español que luchan actualmente por sobrevivir sin un amparo institucional ni una ley de mecenazgo que las ayudaría, sin duda alguna, a financiarse y a afianzarse.

Vivimos en una grave crisis política, económica y cultural, a consecuencia de la cual una cuarta parte de los españoles está en situación de gran precariedad y más de la mitad de nuestros jóvenes no tiene ni tendrá posibilidad alguna de conseguir un trabajo que les asegure una vida mínimamente digna. La Cultura, el Arte, y especialmente la Música, son la base de la educación que nos permite realizarnos personalmente y, al mismo tiempo, estar presentes como entidad cultural, en un mundo cada vez más globalizado. Estoy profundamente convencido que el arte es útil a la sociedad, contribuyendo a la educación de los jóvenes, y a elevar y a fortalecer la dimensión humana y espiritual del ser humano. ¿Cuántos españoles han podido alguna vez en sus vidas, escuchar en vivo las sublimes músicas de Cristóbal de Morales, Francisco Guerrero o Tomás Luis de Victoria? Quizás algunos miles de privilegiados que han podido asistir a algún concierto de los poquísimos festivales que programan este tipo de música. Pero la inmensa mayoría, nunca podrá beneficiarse de la fabulosa energía espiritual que transmiten la divina belleza de estas músicas. ¿Podríamos imaginar un Museo del Prado en el cual todo el patrimonio antiguo no fuera accesible? Pues esto es lo que sucede con la música, ya que la música viva solo existe cuando un cantante la canta o un músico la toca, los músicos son los verdaderos museos vivientes del arte musical. Es gracias a ellos que podemos escuchar las Cantigas de Santa María de Alfonso X el Sabio, los Villancicos y Motetes de los siglos de Oro, los Tonos Humanos y Divinos del Barroco… Por ello es indispensable dar a los músicos un mínimo de apoyo institucional estable, ya que sin ellos nuestro patrimonio musical continuaría durmiendo el triste sueño del olvido y de la ignorancia.

La ignorancia y la amnesia son el fin de toda civilización, ya que sin educación no hay arte y sin memoria no hay justicia. No podemos permitir que la ignorancia y la falta de conciencia del valor de la cultura de los responsables de las más altas instancias del gobierno de España, erosionen impunemente el arduo trabajo de tantos músicos, actores, bailarines, cineastas, escritores y artistas plásticos que detentan el verdadero estandarte de la Cultura y que no merecen sin duda alguna el trato que padecen, pues son los verdaderos protagonistas de la identidad cultural de este país.

Por todo ello, y con profunda tristeza, le reitero mi renuncia al Premio Nacional de Música 2014, esperando que este sacrificio sea comprendido como un acto revulsivo en defensa de la dignidad de los artistas y pueda, quizás, servir de reflexión para imaginar y construir un futuro más esperanzador para nuestros jóvenes.

Creo, como decía Dostoyevski, que la Belleza salvará al mundo, pero para ello es necesario poder vivir con dignidad y tener acceso a la Educación y a la Cultura.

Cordialmente le saluda,

Jordi Savall


Jordi Savall agraeix profundament al jurat del premi i al Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deportes el reconeixement de més de 40 anys dedicats a la recuperació i difusió de la música com a força i llenguatge de civilització i de convivència.

No obstant això, Jordi Savall comunica la decisió de no acceptar el guardó per no trair els seus principis i les seves conviccions més íntimes. Renuncia a aquesta important distinció pel fet de venir de la mà de la principal institució de l’Estat espanyol responsable del dramàtic desinterès i de la greu incompetència en la defensa i promoció de l’art i dels seus creadors. També considera insuficients els esforços i les inversions que, des del govern de l'Estat, es dediquen al món de les Arts i de la Cultura en general, i, en particular, per mantenir en l'oblit una part essencial de la nostra cultura: el patrimoni musical hispànic mil·lenari. A més a més, deplora la política de menysteniment del govern espanyol envers la immensa majoria de músics que, amb grans sacrificis, dediquen les seves vides a mantenir-lo viu, ja que sense ells totes les músiques medievals, renaixentistes o barroques no existirien. Raó per la qual cal considerar-los com els veritables museus vivents de l'art musical.

La ignorància i l'amnèsia són la fi de tota civilització, atès que sense educació no hi ha art, i sense memòria no hi ha justícia. No podem permetre'ns que la ignorància i la manca de consciència del valor de la cultura per part dels responsables de les més altes instàncies del govern de l'Estat espanyol erosionin la tasca de tants músics, actors, ballarins, cineastes, escriptors i artistes plàstics que ostenten l'estendard de la Cultura i que no mereixen, sens dubte, el tracte que reben ja que són veritables protagonistes de la identitat cultural del país.

Per tot això, i amb profunda tristor, Jordi Savall reitera la seva renúncia al Premio Nacional de Música 2014, tot esperant que aquest sacrifici hom l'entengui com un acte revulsiu en defensa de la dignitat dels artistes i pugui, potser, servir de reflexió per imaginar un futur millor i amb més esperança per a les futures generacions.

Jordi Savall creu, com deia Fiodor Dostoievski, que la Bellesa salvarà el món, i perquè això sigui possible és necessari poder viure amb dignitat i que l'Educació i la Cultura arribin a tenir la consideració que mereixen en tota societat.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Video of The Day - Anouar Brahem, Manfred Eicher, Stefano Amerio et al. recording at RSI - Lugano

Almost a documentary… so glad to see Manfred Eicher and Stefano Amerio and all the musicians both so serious and so relaxed… concentrated but light-hearted…

That's purest ECM in the making… the birth of another masterpiece… and a rare opportunity and pleasure.

A miracle dating back to 1969…

The new Anouar Brahem will be available from ECM early 2015.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Site of the Month - Vintage Audio from Japan

Superb… both the here below showed mighty Denon 38 and the whole site... 
a true joy to browse.

Mike Nichols, 83, Acclaimed Director on Broadway and in Hollywood, Dies

Mrs. Robinson's dad passed away… 

Mr. Nichols did win an Oscar for his second film, “The Graduate” (1967). A social satire that lampooned the Eisenhower-era mindset of the West Coast affluent and defined the uncertainty of adulthood for the generation that came of age in the 1960s, the film anticipated the anti-heroism of many Hollywood movies to come.

The film also made a star of an unknown actor, Dustin Hoffman, who was nearly 30 when he played Benjamin Braddock, the 21-year-old protagonist, a Southern Californian and a track star who sleeps with the wife of his father’s best friend and then falls in love with her daughter. A small, dark, Jewish New York stage actor (though he was born and raised in Los Angeles), Mr. Hoffman was an odd choice for the all-American suburban boy whose seemingly prescribed life path has gone awry.

R.I.P. for Mr. Nichols…

Lee Marvin & Pussy

He's sure thinking about… YES, pussy… beloved, timeless pussy, of course…

Thanking Peter:-)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


One hundred Highlanders rules our world...

... but there should be an error: no Churches and religious orders of any faith quoted... 

Truth on TV and...what politicians thinks about audience when interviewed...

... sooooo true when looking at politicians speeches and interviews...

Coming Soon - Anouar Brahem's latest disk on ECM

Produced by Manfred Eicher and recorded by Stefano Amerio… the best, nothing but the best, on ECM…

Available soon…