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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Zappa vs. Toyota?

So it seems... or hopefully not...

... always missing him...

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Brown Rice

One of my Desert Island discs... enjoy!

Universal music by Don Cherry.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Audiocirc - new Eckart's Blog

Here you'll find new Eckart's Blog, after the recent splitting of T & E team and partnership and closing for new posts of old, superb audio16...

Best wishes to Eckart!


13sound, new Tim Gurney's Blog

... recently splitting from the tandem team Blog Audio16, with his (common) pal E., Tim will be now persuing his very own path and obsessions - i.e. WE and bespoke horns making by hand, and everything audio and music.

Not a sad new, indeed.

Consider that instead of one cool audio Blog, we will now onward have two.

Good luck for your new project, Tim and... all fun, pal!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Magus Merlin, the Miles Magician

Yesterday I attended to a lecture by my friend and guitarist extraordinaire Enrico Merlin, about non-verbal signals, charisma and leadership of Miles Davis.

A seldom heard, witty, well-spoken, well-informed and researched letio magistralis about the gravelly voice Genius and how he kept virtually free and unlashed creativity of all his musicians who succeded in all his several goups incarnations, 'til his untimely passing away.

Empathy was Miles' plus... if someone wasn't up to par on this, he got fired, pronto!

Enrico, a worldwide known expert and scholar of Miles’ art and music, wrote - among others -  a superb book (with Veniero Rizzardi) devoted to Bitches Brew and his knowledge of live, unedited performances of Miles counts more than 700 unpublished hours of music in his personal collection and literally tons of papers and terabytes of related in his house.

He met and interviewed Teo Macero, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Dave Holland, John McLaughlin and wrote liner-notes for Wadada Leo Smith & Henry Kaiser’s Yo Miles! on Shanachie.

I already knew him and his so deep knowledge about everything Miles’, but…

… simply wasn’t prepared to one hour of commented, critically high-pointed listenings of some of the most representative Miles’ licks… not explained to an annoyed audience, but to a bunch of literally lost in Enrico & Miles’ world people!

Enrico, like dancing in his elegant tuxedo, showed and explained, untired and untiring how Miles was able without moving an eyebrow to communicate time and theme changes, in an apparent, wordless ESP exchange among his cohort.

The lecture represented for yours truly the azimuth of my recent… aehm, still going on, actually, full immersion in electric Miles’ music, made of extremely rewarding lengthy listening sessions of On the Corner, In a Silent Way, ecc. ecc. … oh, shit, I already annoyed you about this.

I already attended to  other music lectures – i.e. Bach’s Cello Sonatas as played by Fournier and Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas; both the interesting lessons gave to me a strange feeling, like the dissecting of a corpse in a morgue.

Lifeless and disturbing!

Music was loosing its inner power, notes dissected and emptied… a quite embarrassing evenience, if concerning the above mentioned giants and masterpieces!

Exactly the opposite happened with Enrico’s Miles: My Funny Valentine live at Carnegie Hall was soooo lively and full of trivia and wittiness.

I was also, while listening to Merlin, reminding what I only few hours ago read about Miles giving his back to the audience, during most of the last concerts… just wish to share with you: it wasn’t the hip, tough guy, the boxer don’t giving a fuck to audience… Herbie Hancock on On The Corner complete session box confirmed he was only in love with ALL the musicians who made is stellar groups and liked soooo much looking to them while playing!

Respect for an 18 years old Tony Williams or 24 Keith Jarrett or 23 Dave Holland… respect for everyone who contributed to create this brand new music, like also Enrico wisely pointed it out during yesterday lecture. 

Maybe respect, which is also a form of love, makes this music timeless and always modern… as it hits the very deep of human soul with its fractal, true, honest and straight nature.

Sincerely thanking Enrico for the great lesson... after one hour of this (see above)... he embraced his electric axe and played like a devil in disguise on-stage some cool improvisations a' la John Mc Laughlin or John Scofield, with a jazz combo, BUT not copy-catting the latters, yet with his unique voice, good taste and skill a-plenty and... just WOW!

While his cute Wall-E toy was blissfully standing on his bespoke guitar-amp.

Soul, knowledge, humbleness, intelligence and empathy... living music, folks!

BTW - Wish also to share and put everyone on  the wait for the IMPRESSIVE new book (series)… you’d bet it? About Miles, year per year per year… it will be a one-of-a-kind luxury, limited edition, 12” x 12” size, so finding its (their) place(s) among vinyl records…

High quality binding,  paper, BUT most of all HIGH quality and unobtanium info, pix and trivia about, for the first book to come, Miles in 1959 (Kind of Blue's year): gigs leafles, tickets, interviews, old magazines and newspapers articles… a huge, HUGE, H U G E  labour of love in the name of Miles’ genius.

I suggest everyone into this kind of stuffs to keep eyes open and wallet ready…  the years covering will be random, as per Miles’ most seminal masterpieces or, should I say, milestones;-) – everything will be properly advertised and shared at due time, when all and every copyright and legal aspects and knots will be settled.

I saw a preview of some pages on Enrico’s Macbook and I was in jaw-dropped mode for looong minutes.

A must to own and an effort seldom seen, everywhere!

Stay tuned.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Breaking news: brand new Robert Johnson photo, found in desk, forensically verified!

Hoax or great find?

A newly-analyzed photo found in a Florida desk drawer is believed by some to be an image of blues legend Robert Johnson.

The identification comes from award-winning forensic artist Lois Gibson, who famously positively identified a different Johnson photo in 2008, which is still widely contested in blues and forensic circles, but was accepted by the Johnson estate as authentic.

The new photograph turned up in an antique Winthrop desk in Pensacola, Florida. A retired professor bought the desk at auction in 2013, and quickly noticed the photo among a drawer full of junk.


Thanking (author) Matt Marshall and Wadada Leo Smith.

P.S. - reportedly, an hoax... a blues, one;-)

New sonic myths - Alice Cooper - School's Out (Warner Bros. - 1972)

Yes, we DO NEED new amazing sonics discs, and enjoyable too, ones!!!

Not weird to me considering new a 1972 disc;-) as I'm going to highlight it sonically, now!

On last Sunday, just back from München, I attended to the local fleamarket and, at Nigel's desk, after founding last month a sought-after Hawkwind's double disc (Space Ritual on UK United Artist with large poster-like cover) in mint conditions, this month I found a pristine, superb copy on Warner Bros. UK of the classic 1972 album with desk gimmick cover and panties (!!!) of School's Out by Alice Cooper.

I never owned this disc, before... I sure remember in early '70s from records shop windows... ahhh, those schoolgirl's panties;-) and related wet-dreams...

Got the copy, paid some coffees... some undusting on my Audiodesk Systeme disk-cleaning machine and... WOW!

(A note -  above pixies aren't my actual copy, yet being THE very same as mine, I hi-jacked them on Ebay, where the seller is asking NOT some coffees, BUT for a top of the line coffee machine;-))) - i.e. £ 199,99...)

Wasn't prepared to such a sonic masterpiece, folks!!!

Garrardzilla and Lumiere and The Peak were rockin'!!!

Music is reminding me some Capt. Beefheart's Bat Chain Puller or Doc at Radar Station - i.e. complex rock, blissfully playing undistorted also when playing fuzz guitars.

... and the electric bass... Da Electric Bass... DA BASS, maaaan!

Cluncky, loooow, undistorted, dry and low, really LOW!

It sounds to my old ears like a Gibson EB2 hollow body, a' la Cream's Jack Bruce... sounds really amazing... not only few blissful moments in a shitty disc... all songs are top class, some are masterpieces and the above mentioned bass lines are intro and into songs on both sides, truly 2die4!!!

A no brainer demonstration disc and rocking, unboring music to par, masterfully recorded at The Record Plant in NYC.

My advice is go and find your copy... getting scarce and sought-after in top NM conditions... with panties is almost unobtanium, but sure worth the search!

Go, browse, find it and... rock... your system and you will love it!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Breaking news;-))) - Michael Fremer interviewing Frank Schroder, at MOC 2016

A scoop;-)))

I was there when Mr. Fremer interviewed Frank Schröder... professional, well informed. curious and not, never, a slave of industry.

Truly one of us, as passionate as he can be about music and gears.

An honor meeting him, again.

Happy birthday to Keith Jarrett

Yes... happy birthday, Keith... thanks for being KJ... may you improvise and compose and play 'til your last day on Earth... for all the beauty you gave us.

Many, many, many happy returns, Maestro. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Tzar's Tzar, with no Tzar - Leonid Sinitsin's one of the kind cartridges from Angarsk, Siberia...

Thanking Erik M. for the finding.

Mr. Leonid Sinitsin, the one and only artisan able and skilled enough to restore any DST-design cartridge. Just in case... as a plus, he hand-made quite interesting more conventional cartridges, as well.

Я Леонид Синицын.Родился и всю жизнь живу в небольшом сибирском городке Ангарск.Это в ста километрах от великого Байкала.
Сколько помню себя - я всегда слушал музыку.В самом раннем детстве дома.Отец тогда (а это начало 60-х!!!) собрал свой первый электромузыкальный инструмент.Отец отлично играл на баяне,дома звучали красивые песни - мать с подругами прекрасно пели.
Мне музыкантом стать было не суждено,бог отвёл.Поэтому я стал просто любить музыку.Я считаю,что моему поколению сильно повезло.Наша молодость пришлась на время когда ещё были дико популярны Битлз,но уже набирали силу группы определявшие развитие молодёжной музыки в 70-е годы.DP,LZ.Queen,другие,не менее значимые имена и коллективы.
Кроме этого мать регулярно водила меня на симфонические концерты.Тогда я не очень понимал зачем мне это.Теперь понимаю.Всё это помогало развивать музыкальный вкус.
Гены отца,как мастерового,во мне тоже бродили,я смолоду радиолюбительствовал.Делал практически всё:аккустику,усилители,дорабатывал магнитофоны,проигрыватели.С годами представления о правильности воспроизведения менялись,вместе с ними менялась моя система.Пришёл черёд звукоснимателей.
Раньше это было исключительно хобби.Но когда появились картриджи с действительно высокими параметрами,мне стали поступать предложения наладить их производство.

Just don't ask for a direct-sale of Tzar's;-) - its worldwide sole-agent is Robyn Wyatt, in the USA.

I repeat: above is a serious advice, so please don't ask for!

Interesting manufacturer, indeed.

Mother's or Mothers' Day?

Random MOC 2016

I swear, folks... I tried it: brought with me my Macbook, but... you know: every year adds an year;-)

When back at my hotel in the countryside, while in Munchen, the only energy left at the end of the three loooong days I attended the MOC 2016, the only energy left was to brush my teeth before wrecking on the bed.

So, here are some random pixies I got with my old mobile...

Text (and much more pixies) will follow, when strong enough to collect energies, memory and... yes! interest, again... i.e. - after audio over-dose effect.

The exhausting walking, listening, meeting and chatting is still making me not strong enough to afford the task.

The prescription?

I today fingerpicked my '69 Harmony Sovereign H-1260 acoustic guitar for half an hour and - you'd bet it? - everything clicked, again.