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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Christmas' Yard Sale - Goodmans Axiom 80

Have a pristine, N.O.S. '58 vintage Axiom 80 pair for sale, original, genuine Made in England, not the Japanese reissue... they're museum quality, simply perfect... if interested, contact me at stefanocello-AT-gmail-DOT-com - will send actual, hi-resolution pixies upon request.

Thanks for supporting my audio downsizing.

Wave the stick...

Friday, November 16, 2018

The Soloist's speakers - Jordan Watts

Jordan Watts are speakers form the outer space, period! 

Ted Jordan was a Jedi who visited planet Earth and gifted humankind with Goodmans' Axiom 80 and later Jordan Watts' wide-band speakers.

BTW: have a pristine, N.O.S. '58 vintage Axiom 80 pair for sale... they're museum quality, perfect.. if interested, contact me at stefanocello-AT-gmail-DOT-com - will send hi-resolution pixies upon request.

These '60s speakers makes any soloist appearing, flesh and bones, in my studio.

A miracle!

You hear every breathe in a very seldom experienced way.

I had a long eargasm, today... and it isn't happening so often.

Fantastic, simply fantastic with Misho's Woodenamps... sublime with Fidelity Research AS-1 and Partridge/Copper 300B mono-blocks.

Ted Jordan was a genius, folks... and anyone into high resolution crossover-less speakers should experience'em... if they're good for Be Yamamura (who designed and built his own Cantus' speakers after Jordan Watts' design solutions and use them in his system, as well... ), who am I to confute it?

Soloist's speakers, I wrote... yes: Bert Jansch, Jakob Lindberg and Ralph Towner played in my Studietto. No kidding: I very seldom so much enjoyed Ralph's Guild 12 strings guitar and Bert's voice in full bloom.

Thanking my best pal Franz, Fiona and Trieu for the JW's project.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Sir Paul commuting...

... in 2nd Class carriage, no body-guards, no nothing... a down-to-earth legend... much appreciated.

Thanking mr. Wong's pixies...

Cough! Flash! Stop!

I love Keith Jarrett's music...  I love this cartoon... 

Thanking Tyran Grillo and Dustin Mollick, the cartoonist...

... and Keith Jarrett for being Keith Jarrett!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

My best recording to-date

Yesterday I attended to an organ concert in my hometown Cattedrale...

... and recorded it.

I placed the Neumann USM-69 stereo in Blumlein, crossed 8-figure pattern about six meters from the organ, at about four meter height from church floor, using my trusty Sound Devices 722 at 24bit/192Khz.

The sound, also during monitoring through Beyer DT-48, was gorgeous!

The church reverberation was well here BUT not over-emphasizing and blurring the very organ voice... when I listened to the recording through Gotorama, I was jaw-dropped by the beauty and trueness of the sound: not the usual thick, slow sound too often experienced in organ recordings, but a great recording, with extremely quick decay, not showing any unwanted echoing and frequencies cancelling.

A beauty.

Dynamics are impressively rendered, low-end is true to life and high frequencies are extremely clear, extended and effortless, not shouting.

I must admit I'm very, very satisfied of the recording.


Thanking my lovely wifey for most of the above pixies... and maestro Johannes Götz for his majestic playing.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Christmas' Yard Sale - Technics SP-10 BBC

Selling from the estate of a good friend family, a gorgeous Technics SP-10 "BBC" I made for him years ago, nicknamed "The White Whale"...

It's a top conditions SP-10 which was carefully dismantled, cleaned and whose chassis was professionally painted with automotive paint in butter white, à la Garrard 301.

A nice plinth was bespoke-made and a 10" Fidelity Research 64-S was added to the combo.

The White Whale comes with BBC-adapter, cables, PSU, head shell and FR's arm original box.

Not expensive... expert, professional crating and Fedex shipping at actual cost.

The turntable will work at 117V/60hz and 220V/50hz flawlessly.

I invite everyone wishing a trouble-free direct-drive turntable, serviced and clean and unique to contact yours truly at stefanocello-AT-gmail-DOT-com

Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Art Ensemble of Chicago's definitive ECM collection

Santa's coming, so... here is a 21 disks collection of AEoC's by ECM...

Grab it!