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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday Morning Song - "Prayer for Jimbo Kwesi" by Art Ensemble of Chicago

... from "The Third Decade" on ECM, an early '80s AEOC's effort, this was (one of) my yesterday passionate listenings...

Roscoe Mitchell, Malachi Favors, Don Moye and Lester Bowie, all dressed in traditional African appareils, blink from the beutiful cover - Roscoe Mitchell did the cover artwork - and the music is simply awesome: beautiful as it can be, funky, innovative and classic at the same time.

The above mentioned "Prayer..." is fondly dedicated to Jimbo Kwesi, the VERY first Black officier to serve (and to be unfortunately killed by his own troop...) Her Majesty The Queen of England... the first Black to serve in the (almost, early U.S.) Army was William Appleby in 1776, BUT he was only a soldier... strange, quite obscure choice, as also "poor" Appleby sure perished in the battlefield and suffered and he someway was an example against racism, excluding wars involved, of course ...

The Music... yes, better talking about it... first choice, despite early digital ECM's recording, so full of nuances and flavours... small and larger percussions, horns and a simple melody, both african and european in its heritage...

This is THE merit of AEOC's... mixing and blending american, african and european traditions... it's universal music.

A superbly epic and lilting, timeless melody... and, as always, ABSOLUTELY not reviewing, BUT... hinting!

... so, take your chance.

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