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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winfrid G. Sebald, Patti Smith and The Maltings

Saturday 29 January 11am/7.30pm

Towards Re-Enchantment Max: A Tribute by Patti Smith

Symposium The iconic musician, poet, and cultural activist

A day-long enquiry into the landscapes of Suffolk, the spirit of place and its various meanings, taking Sebald as its foundation. Presentations, discussions and readings with Robert Macfarlane and other leading writers.

Britten Studio, Snape 11am-5pm

Tickets £15 Under 27s half price

Two-course buffet lunch available for £12 - please book in advance on 01728 687110.

Internationally renowned for her visionary creativity and commitment, the iconic musician, poet, writer and cultural activist Patti Smith needs no

In an exclusive concert created for this weekend, she will respond to Sebald’s book-length poem After Nature in an intimate evening of song and spoken word performance.

Nature and whole-food for the soul... art: poetry and music from a truly "naked", sincere artist.

1 comment:

Mats said...

Very nice,
that makes me happy just to think about.
Always blows my mind when favorite artists
come together like that, seemingly out of the blue.
Not random of course, just folks on the same tree.
Very comforting to see one is not alone.
WG Sebald, what an amazing author.
Right up there with Roberto Calasso for me.