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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Maurizio Cattelan's middle-finger and Milan Stock Exchange

WOW, folks... not everything is lost, if an artist - a tough one, I mean - (italian) Maurizio Cattelan, was allowed to put such a "memento" just in front of the temple of italian economy - i.e. Milan's Stock Exchange.

The artistic, BUT also socially and globally moving, act is MUCH more welcome in a moment so full of winds of changes, like we're actually living, as Stock markets sure were guilty enough to deserve such a "compliment"... this, to my flawed eyes, do not look like an offense or something, but a friendly suggestion, a fond understatement to something which rules the world and it's nearer to hounds or horses races and bidding, where words like outsourcing sounds cool, BUT for the people who loose his/her job, fired by market laws, another cool word to describe the end of Middle Class and the tycoon and slums (possible) era.

A BIG "THANKS" to Maurizio Cattelan for reminding this with his provocative, strong opera... and to the nice people at Milan's Assessorato alla Cultura which allowed this to happen, instead of placing a Berlusconi's aequestrian statue:-)

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geovar said...

File mou da noi si dice:"ai gamissou" Troppo Sardo??