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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Double-Bass - a compendium

This is the first of many to come hintings about my beloved double-bass... as a neglected instrument, and a way of life, as per Patrick Suskind's book (The Double-Bass) I wrote about few weeks ago...

First, it's ABSOLUTELY necessary I'll link you to Bassmaniac's archives - i.e. a japanese musicophile and double-bass lover, who compiled an extensive, quite complete guide to d.b. music, authors and musicians.

Furthermore, next reviews will cover, one at a time, the discs in my collection, under the sonic, musical and historic facets and as I "promised" some months ago - i.e. with 100+ different titles available - I'll try to cover, BETTER open, a window on some obscure authors, musicians, labels and compositions.

Will I survive to this?!?!

All for now, leaving with the tip: go and buy Suskind's book and... welcome in a very esoteric club of lunatics.

Greetings from Ludwig Streicher in Japan

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