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Friday, January 7, 2011

Musical (forgotten) treasures - Max Ochs

When a musician "clicks" with only few tunes... well, he or she "got it", pals...

When decades ago, I found and listened for the first time to "Contemporary Guitar" sampler on Takoma (1967), Robbie Basho's "1000 incarnations of a Rose" did my day... for my whole life;-)

... but also a sooo seldom heard Max Ochs and his ragas were and still are SO special to me.

Have a look here for an interesting interview with the still alive and kicking (= playing) Max: talking about his friendship with John Fahey, Ed Denson, Robbie Basho, etc.

The purest of pure, mr. Ochs - Phil Ochs' cousin, as well - was taught by Missisippi John Hurt, in early '60s and met virtually "everyone", having lived in NYC in His Bobness' early years... Bleecker Street, Greenwich Village, Washington Square, Matt Umanov guitar shop, Sing Out!, etc.

His musical seed is still well alive, as well and inspiring new generation(s)... see the above "Imaginational Anthem Vols. 1-3"...

I wish to him ALL the very, VERY best.

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