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Sunday, October 11, 2009

WJAAS - Japanese debrises or an afterword

As it is quite clear, my interest for Japan and Japanese people and facts to the broader extent isn't like a flu... it's not something I'll easily recover from... it's a love for life!

From the several - thanks all - messages I received since I began my recent Japanese diary, one by Mirco Denti impressed me as he touched the core of my quest - i.e. why having such an experience... what's the reason.

Being hungry and thirsty of knowledge and of Life isn't a reason... it's DNA;-) - so what?!?!

As Mirco wrote:

[It seems them all - SAKUMA, ENDO, SHINDO,IMAI - are still looking for (absolute musical truth)]

... I heartfeltly agree, as this was the hidden message to be read in my report... during my visits I met the antiquarian, the hyper-tech-head, the romantic artisan, the bohemienne, the musicophile, the cleverly artful, the collector and the old sage.

They all someway scratched the Truth and know - partially - about the Mistery of Music and its reproduction at home, but no one owns the Absolute Truth.

Tubes, horns, solid state, digital, analog - all the above and more - are means and the faces of a multi-faced "Thing".

They all look for it - let's call it "Emotion", like we all do, period... because there is no "one" Truth!

Almost a Zen tale;-)

... and like in every trip with capital "T"... it's far, FAR more important the route than the destination itself, as very often there is no "destination" - i.e. - The End of The Search and Quest for The Very Best - at all.

This is the case, folks... what I hoped to find out, I found!

P.S. - Only one of my hosts used to speak about his gears and goals in the above terms, as something able to "emotion" at home like a real performance... won't say who.

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