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Sunday, October 11, 2009

WJAAS - An ending...

... as it began, I'd wish to finish this Japan trip report returning, after audio and related stuffs, to what's most important: Music... music played on real instruments... the real thing!

Always in Ochanomizu station area, a very musical area, as per the superb record shops I found (and talked about), can't resist in briefly reporting about the great musical instrument-shops which are scattered for kilometers...

Beside I played nice, often superb acoustic and classical guitars in Nashville, Dublin, NYC, Los Angeles, Berkeley, London, Paris, Madrid and Salzburg... must say what I found in a couple of shops is worth "hey days" at Matt Umanov, Mandolin Bros, George Gruhn and Gryphon's shops in my early '90s travels... at few hundreds meters from each other I played an original '70s Zemaitis acoustic, a '48 Martin D-28, a '43 Gibson LG-00, a '64 Martin 00-28, a beautiful (reissue) Martin 00-45 Jimmie Rogers in Brazilian/Adirondack...

The staff in these shops - mostly gifted musicians - were extremely kind and knowledgeable, never worried about damaging often precious instruments, in the 7-digits price-tags and willing in letting them play.

Another aspect of a great city, Tokyo, where the wealthy pocket is TRULY able to find virtually everything.

Again, sayonara... 'til the next time.

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Johannes LeBong said...

Dear Stafano,

I was immediately attracted by your blog when you had started reporting about your excursion to the japanese masters and workshops. Almost every day, you have added mor and more news and sensational images and insights.

Thank you for the unique report and for sharing your emotion with us. I can't get enough of it, as I also feel a special love for japanese art, culture and crafts.

Best regards,

Johannes LeBong