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Monday, October 26, 2009

WJAAS - Italian tour for Imai-san & Audio Tekne or a (Lorenzo) Zen experience

As promised, in time like a Shinkansen, Imai-san arrived at Schio, Northern Italy, hosted by the great, witty, classy Lorenzo Zen.

He introduced Audio Tekne's products to the press people last Saturday, 23rd - he talked about building quality, prices and - how he often does - about a paragon with zest-like, after a storm, crystal clear mountains view and the sound of music through an Imai-san's audio system.

Zen, "de facto";-)))

Meeting Imai-san, this time with the support of a professional, Japanese/Italian translator, have been a pleasure, a relaxing one, after some communication stress during my japanese trip.

The systems presented at Zen's place were the top-of-the-line carbon-block made "bookshelf" with a beautiful ALE tweeter and the mid-sized "big" speakers-system with a square Tractrix mid-horn, a three ways system, all using A.L.E.'s drivers.

Carbon-block turntable, amps and preamps were present, as were the two importers: one for accessories (carbon block, cables, headshells, disc clamps, cartridges) and one for the full-line of amps and ancillary electronics and turntables...

The sound from both system was, like I already appreciated in the past, very pleasant, true and understated in his almost naked, algid naturalness: not shouted, but - also at normal listening levels - very understandable, I'd say...

The dynamics from a piano-solo were right, with a shiny single-notes character, while the recording was sort-of slightly "down-scaling" the grand-piano size... that's what was on the disc and what I heard.

Nonetheless, a nice, NICE experience...

The sad thing is that the newspapers giving an echo to this very event, were claiming about the "most expensive system in the world"... not an hinting to building quality, audio aesthetic and philosophy behind these products and the like.

Must also add this: with "that" price-tag, you're not buying a piece of gear, but the vision and dream of an artisan: you want it, you pay for it. Same as an Aston Martin DB6 or a Lamborghini Gallardo.

No further comment needed...

The romantic, passionate Lorenzo Zen - fortunately - made all the referring to Music he was able to do.

Clever... or, better, "Bravo!"

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