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Friday, October 9, 2009

A great site and Blog from Germany: Johannes LeBong

A very tasty, classy and well informed site from a friend's friend (we never met in person 'til now) whose musical and audio life interwoven several times with mine, in a virtual (web) way;-)

Johannes' site

Also Johannes - after translating great Julien Sullerot's Japanese trip report, including the visit to Lumiere's Chiaki Kikuchi-san den - made his "initiation trip" to Japan, early this year and I enjoyed a lot his report of Sakuma-san's visit.

He built, in the years, as a passionate DIYer, several amps and preamps and speakers for himself, showed in his site (Gallery), which are minimalist in design, BUT not in quality... also his love for high resolution, magnifying (audio) lens speakers - i.e. Saba "Green" are on my very wavelength. Have a look at his pages at yr. convenience.

As a plus, he's an accomplished photographer and the quality of his shots are of seldom seen beauty and overall quality, as well.

An highly recommended reading.

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