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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thomas Mayer and the WE 437A/Tango LCR phono preamp

Almost ready, folks... Thomas is fiddling and soldering and listening and almost completed the mounting of my new preamp.

Posting a picture of the top, only missing the wooden box hidding the "guts" of the gear itself (also have a look to the naked complexity of the preamp in another pix) and a view with its P.S.U.... Thomas described first listening sessions as "very promising"...

Herr Mayer is finishing the 801A/VT25 Line-Preamp (and dedicated P.S.U.), as well... will patiently wait for his completing the building job, BUT, really, can't stand in my shoes, as I look forward in having the four chassis delivered and hooked at my own system VERY soon.

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