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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Roman did it again: one of his very best posts ever!

Bass horns, hypes and what really matters in sound reproduction

This man is really - this my sincere opinion - making more for the advancement of audio art than the 98,9 percent of audio buffs and gurus of whole Web, period.

Money and audio are like Devil vs. Holy Water... judging an audio system from its cost is awfully wrong!

Again: bass horns hypes - i.e. 16 hz from a, say, 3 meter mouth/6 meters long bass horn is hype... says nothing: it's an exercise.... in building and concept... a mind game.

Sometimes, maybe most of the times, the result could be more flawed than a LS3/5A properly tuned and optimized in a given room... but also a close friend may be in troubles - fearful to someway offend the owner of such a behemoth - in saying the truth - i.e. hinting to some "aural hassles"... the cost, you know... money, again, the enemy of our passion.

Unfortunately, people get trapped in very down-to-Earth facts - i.e. cost, first, and the often sincere involvement in the very task of going - at any cost - lower than, say, 30 hertz -2 db... it's utterly dangerous to say a brand new Ferrari is a noisy, uneasy, stiff car, you know! Same may happen for concrete horns...

... BUT an orchestra is - and will always be - a different stuff, ALWAYS!

I realized this few hours ago, during a chat with my friend Georges from Athens... more than a close friend of mine, he's the owner of one of the best sounding 4 ways horn systems I'm aware of... he recently attended to three symphonic concerts in a week and... well, he almost had blood from his nose and tears in his eyes, at the moving, amazing, yet so embarassingly easy sound of a full orchestra.

We can spend ZILLIONS bucks on our systems, BUT we'll always find the real orchestra vs. reproduced one like truer vs. a copy, more or less, but still a copy... this due to several gestalt-like matters: the uniqueness of event, being with other people, the strength and power of the real sound, yet easy, the sexy scent of the lady seated near to you... down to wearing a tuxedo and a black-tie;-)

It's scientifically proven black-ties helps and enhances musical enjoyment!

Seriously: it's like water... from our tap or from a mighty waterfall... water, just, ol' trusty, friendly H2O...

... better enjoying the "sense", the meaning of music... not saying I'm giving up in getting the most emotions I can from my audio system... but 120 percent sure the waterfall will always - emotionally - win vs. tap water!

Thanks Roman, thanks Georges...

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