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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Rhino and Kevin Gray🥇


Rhino High Fidelity

To guarantee constant sonic excellence, as mentioned Rhino has chosen to turn to the good Kevin Gray who will take care of the cutting of the lacquers for all Rhino Hi-Fi releases and it will then be the German Optimal Media to print the 180 gram heavyweight vinyls ( for those who don't know it, for example it dealt with the latest 10th anniversary reissue of Random Access Memory by Daft Punk and is one of the main printing houses in Europe and in the world).

Reissues will feature thick, glossy gatefold covers with high-quality photos and graphics and a retro aesthetic that evokes the golden age of vinyl.

Kevin Gray says: “It will be an honor to remaster this series! In the Rhino catalog there is a great variety to explore: from Jazz to Rock to R&B. Rhino has a very large catalog spanning five decades. The possibilities are amazing! I can't wait to work on all of this."

Exclusive content

Another hallmark of the new Rhino High Fidelity series is the exclusive content.

The Cars includes a new interview with guitarist Elliot Easton about the instruments used on the album, as well as producer Roy Thomas Baker's recording notes for "Good Times Roll."

After listening to the Rhino High Fidelity version, Easton said, "It's like listening to a studio recording… It just blew my mind." He later reflected on the making of the album, saying: “We had the feeling that we were doing something that had never been done before, as if we were breaking new ground and creating sounds that had never been recorded before. It was very exciting. It was simply the chemistry between the five of us. It is not something that one can calculate or initiate. Succeed or fail. It's magic".

Coltrane's Sound includes notes and images from the original tapes, along with an archival essay by legendary producer Tom Dowd, the recording engineer for this album and hundreds of other Atlantic Records classics.

Dowd recalls: “It was incredible, even after an hour of intense playing [Coltrane] remained as calm and composed as when he started. Normally, when someone works this hard, he stiffens. Not John. Watching him play, I could not perceive the characteristics of his hands or fingers. It didn't appear to have any bones. He played with 'feathers'. His technique involved total confidence, control and composure.”

Rhino High Fidelity will take full advantage of Warner Music's extensive music catalog (and therefore all the labels under its hat, such as Atlantic, Elektra, etc.), creating superlative versions of historical albums from the worlds of Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop and beyond.

The Rhino High Fidelity series will continue to release two classic albums each quarter, each with the same packaging and audio quality as the initial pair, in strictly limited editions (list price is set at $39.98).

Upcoming albums in the Rhino High Fidelity series will be announced in the coming weeks.

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