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Saturday, May 20, 2023

Munchen, again 🥇

Munchen Hi-End is always an emotional short-circuit: meeting old, beloved friends and finding new motivations, fueling our passion for music which “needs” (obtorto collo) audio.

Meeting  Heinrich Amand  Basilius Martion  after 17 years from Berlin Audio tasting was such a pleasure… and his impeccable good taste for music and his unique loudspeakers are a statement🥇.

What about Analogtechnik’s Daniel Kim? He’s the most humble, skilled, honest and clever artisan I’m aware of: his cartridges are among the best sounding and most exclusive available on the market, period.


Thomas Schick idler-wheel turntable and arm

Analogtechnik’s DMT25 Ice Age (with Fossil Mammoth cantilever)

SUPATRAC - Interesting arm from UK 🥇

Netty de With of STS and her tapes 🎶

Jonathan Weiss of OMA 


Marco Minoccheri, my friend and tireless searcher of musical bliss.

Yours truly, per aspera ad astra 😊

Mirco Denti, part of our Italian Dream-Team: passionate and witty 🥇

Esther 🌸

 My pal Beau Ranheim



Heinrich Martion



From Switzerland 🇨🇭 

Hemiolia tapes from Italy 🇮🇹 

Analogtechnik’s paraphernalia 🎶

Itamar from Israel and Daniel 🥇

My pal JC Morrison is… my best friend, my brother in arms, one of the sweetest, more spiritual individuals I know.

My very own Munchen audio fair only lasted a few hours but its effects renewed and propelled my love for humanity and for life… sure worth a 1,100 km round-trip drive 👍

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