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Saturday, September 1, 2018

WoodenAmp C3M line stage

I tried Misho's C3M preamp with Gotorama, at last...

... have been a truly destroying August for yours truly, folks... daily job at its worst, ever!

Music healing power was disturbed by very high temperatures and humidity which worked against my energies... but, with first rains and average 25 degrees Celsius, VOILA'... I got some enthusiasm and curiosity winning on (work-related) stress.

Some interesting notes by Misho himself: "The amplification factor is only 6 dB - (2 times actually), and it's more than enough for any conventional system (as you already had tried on smaller system 🙂. I hate to see a lot of over-amplification that will be lost in attenuators - so I prefer amps to work as close to maximum open sound path as possible. Yet, in a case if multi way system it may face a different requirements of course."

Wise and self-explaining, as at first glance, when I connected the Wooden(pre)Amp to Nuforce MCA 20 Stealth and Thomas Mayer 4 ways crossover, I had a strange feeling, like the volume settings worked in a different way... the 6 dBs amplification factor, of course!

After getting accustomed to this feature, I only appreciated the HUGE, majestic low-end, untamed and unfearful, the breathing, lively mids and the silky highs, and everything in-between.

The C3M line-stage is deadly silent, hum-wise, and extremely dynamic, but not rough: it's elegant, unforgiving but not coldish or razor-like.

Shimmering cymbals, acoustic guitar harmonics and over-tones are moving, percussions, large and smaller, are very natural shape- and size-wise.

I planned shortly after connecting the preamp to keep it and insert, step-by-step, the Misho's phono-stage... BUT - lacking of proper time schedule and relaxed mode necessary for this kind of evaluations -   I'm greatly enjoying disks and tapes on Gotorama.

The mighty Garrardzilla looks, unused under its plexiglas cover, waiting for better times... 

I don't care what's the source or media if the results are this good...

Really impressive... cannot wait next time I'll be able to spend a couple of hours, alone - me, myself & I - in my studio with my music.

Gotorama is a cocooning, healing machine... and I cannot live without it.

Thanking my pal Misho Myronov and his partner Yanislav Yankov for such a statement: WoodenAmp.


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