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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Bespoke Music

It's something I truly find intriguing... like it goes on time-loop, century after century...

Sergiei Diaghilev and Coco Chanel funded Igor Stravinsky in Paris... Betty Freeman funded Harry Partch and John Cage... John Adams dedicated to her Nixon in China... Beethoven himself was funded back in 18th Century by Razumovskij for some string quartets.

Do you wish to get a glimpse of immaterial beauty, of truly portable and timeless art?

Commission to a composer a piece of music for your loved one or a birthday or an anniversary... a piece of music is forever!

Some ideas? Go at your local conservatory of music and get in touch with composing class director... do you wish to go WEB and international?

Contact the following sites: Birmingham Contemporary Music Group or New Music USA or Richard Thomas Foundation or Third Ear

A bespoke piece of music is such a cool and poetic way to celebrate someone or something and a way to reach immortality... or at least a scent of it.

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