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Saturday, September 1, 2018

High-end guitar - Gianni Pedrini venetian-cutaway acoustic guitar (1998)

Yes, high-end acoustic guitar is something I seldom experienced, despite I own or owned some nice guitars... the only other high-end guitar in my possession is a Lowden S-35 Rio/alpine spruce.

(a partial view of the stable)

What's the difference between a good acoustic guitar and an acoustic high-end guitar?

The price-tag?


The woods used?


The sound?


Like a voice, it's unique! You cannot be wrong... no misundestandings!

It's something special, harmonically rich, supremely resonant, lively, impressing at every note.

I recently acquired an acoustic guitar made by an italian luthier - Gianni Pedrini - in 1998: mahogany back and sides, italian alpine spruce, zero-fret at nut, no trussrod, no end-pin... 500 grams of resonance, overtones and sonic beauty.

The luthier is - maybe - the last member of old school of Northern Italy luthiery of Gallinotti, Giulietti, Raspagni, the latter where Pedrini worked for long years as an apprentice, first, and then a collaborator and whose master-grade woods supply was inherited by him after Maestro Raspagni passing.

Music coming from an unique instrument, made 20 years ago by an obscure, skilled, gifted italian artisan!

I simply cannot stop playing it.

P.S. - Gianni Pedrini was also the maker of this beast...

... and of this beauty, an Hauser-style classical guitar, made in 1994.

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