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Saturday, August 18, 2018

R.I.P. for a Poet - Claudio Lolli passed away...

... yesterday: he was 68 years old.

Claudio was a sincere, straightforward artist and I loved his music in a strange way: it was the music which made me comfortably sad, owning a seldom heard sort-of confidence, a complicity between listener and artist, as he really, empathically felt me.

It was the music I listened to when I was feeling bluesy... as a teenager I was, sometimes... love pains, you know.

A Claudio Lolli's disc represented a safe harbour, a warm nest for the hurting soul of a younger me.

I cherished his discs for decades and listened to them sometimes, fondly remembering the feeling they gave to me and appreciating how his music was sounding timeless.

Timelsss like poetry is...

RIP for Claudio Lolli... a non-compromising artist and someone whose passing away makes me thinking about death...

Will give a spin to his records... cannot think a better way to remember him.

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