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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Andreas Kuhn's Studer C37 Heaven

Since I got my Studer C37, some months ago, I was in BIG troubles to find a reliable, knowledged and specialized-enough technician able to deal with all and every aspects and secrets of this 50+ years old behemoth, iconic tape-machine, someone able to bring the recorder up-to-specs, ready for third-millennium careful use.

A 4 hours traffic-jam at St. Gothard's tunnel... fortunately with 23,5 Centigrades temp...

The 75 kg kid in the trunk... 

 My hotel and Thun Castle

My C37 and two of the Zen-like original Studer's special tools for heads and tape-guides alignments... the screwdriver isn't only a screwdriver! 

My Studer C 37 on the workbench 

Andreas and yours truly with a sought-after 4-tracks Studer J-37  

... one of the issues, a lightened fuse-holder... unfortunately, not a blown fuse. 

 ... one of best Andreas' friends in the workshop: an hydraulic lifter, mandatory for moving around these beasts.

By chance, instinct, whatever... while searching for a tech-head, I found THE tech-head!

Andreas Kuhn - a Swiss gentleman - has an impressive curriculum whose details - I apologize - I'll keep for myself, and his personal story is a one-of-a-kind one... enough to say it's a family-story of deep passion for one of the most famous Swiss manufacturers: Studer.

A much welcome obsession!

I recently had the honour and pleasure to meet him at his workshop and spent some i n c r e d i b l e  hours with him: after chatting and sharing common experiences and assorted life facts, after a while he suddenly changed his mood - like he sort-of invisibly wore the elegant white coats as the Studer's technicians and employees, as seen on the classic Studer's leaflets from the '70s - he took a deep overlook to my C37, inspecting every mechanical alignment and issues, everything which needed some attention, mechanically and electrically.

Everything is clear in Andreas' mind: he knows all secrets of C37... he really heralds and represents the heritage of Willi Studer and famed "Swiss Precision".

We laughed a lot, talked of everything: I truly met a nice, nice chap.

... and my C37 is in the VERY best hands money can buy...

(to be continued)

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