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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Music as a gift...

During my recent Japanese trip on last May, I had with me something...

Well knowing the polite habit - a pleasure for the donor, as well - of bringing a small present for the japanese host, I had in my bag some italian operas DVDs recorded/filmed at La Scala theatre in Milan, the italian temple of music and a Kingston 128GB USB key.

Adapting the present to the host and moment (some minutes were necessary to download the music...), I spread and shared the above from Sapporo to Ukiha, through Yamata, Tokyo and Kyoto...

Some of my Japanese friends got a (tangible) gift - i.e. a DVD... others had... MUSIC...

Intangible, spiritual, eerie, unique.

In the Kingston's I had stored 24bit/192khz recordings of live concerts I recorded between January and April 2017... percussions, strings, wind instruments... all recorded using Sound Devices 722 and Neumann USM-69.

I loved to give away, for free as a gift should be, my music and aural vision and interpretation of reality... a sonic picture which I hope and trust the ones who got this gift enjoyed . i.e. the music when played back through their audio-systems as I enjoyed attending to the concert, recording and editing (thanking my best friend Lo...).

Music is such a treasure, folks... making a deal on it sounds so...  rude, coarse.

Thanking music, I'll be an audio seeker for the life... not viceversa.

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