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Monday, July 24, 2017

Gentle Giant

... I know: you'll call me an old, nostalgic fart...

This said, I kindly ask to both my age and younger music lovers and audiophiles to have a (re-) listen to Gentle Giant's albums.

The Prog albums between 1969 and 1974 were the azimuth of rock music... to my ears, sure considering the best examples and issues, the above is still valid and actual today.

Some records aged beautifully, others not so much...

Genesis' Foxtrot, King Crimson's 1st, In the wake of Poseidon, Lizard, Island and The Larks Tongue in Aspic and Gentle Giant's 1st, Acquiring the Taste, Three Friends, Octopus, Glass House and Free Hand are the true winners.

... other superb discs exist, of course, yet I'm just after highlightening Gentle Giant's masterpieces, someway overlooked and shadowed by Gabriel's and Fripp's group(s).

 I listened in the last few days to the above mentioned Gentle Giant's discs, plus Interview and The Power and the Glory and... the hate also best Prog gets from music lovers is so sad!

Schulman and Minnears' bros' music sounds so refreshing and fresh, I dare saying brand-new, to my ears: please listen to "Nothing at all" on their first album on side two and you'll understand what I mean!!!

The group musical skills are HUGE and the music is hinting to the great English heritage: folk, ancient, renaissance and baroque suggestions are all here... plus jazz and rock, acoustic and electric, vocals blends a' la Beach Boys or Beatles or Steeleye Span or groovy, tight instrumentals... I so much enjoyed this special listening sessions...

Like when I have my week long or more Miles' listenings, it seems only getting the load of a musician on a daily, heavy diet you fully understand and appreciate it.

Everything considered, I suggest you to dig on this group production: my most beloved GG's disc is Three Friends, then 1st and Free Hand.

Music is truly majestic and sound is to die for... you'll be surprised and pleased!

... and I'll be happy.

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