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Saturday, July 22, 2017


That's the way, folks...

... new 30 microns 7N ultra-pure copper wire triangle-shaped coils... and look at the clean diamond mount!

The Neumann DST... the real one.



The freshly restored and rebuilt Lumiere DST # 157... also the air-gap between magnet was wrong - i.e. far too wide, resulting in an extremely low output... being now corrected, the sensitivity is 0,2 mV/2 ohms, as it should be... 

... and as it was: coils were sadly awful as was the bent, uneven cantilever and diamond... a bad sampler, indeed.

Now, the Lumiere DST # 157 is ready to sing, again.

Shiny, unique, to be enjoyed by its owner.

Thanking Leonid for his skill and dedication.

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