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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fausto Papetti 13

Fausto Papetti, italian alto sax player extraordinaire represented for a much younger me a master of life more than a musician: his records very often showed as cover art the most beautiful lightly dressed, sometimes almost naked ladies... these girls were, back in early '70s, blinking from records shop windows and you can imagine the emotion and the turbament;-)

My pal Frank recently had a present for yours truly, Fausto Papetti's 13, a disc I already listened to and appreciated at his place, some months ago...

In the disc, lounging songs and two GREAT tunes, Take Five and Ode to Billie Joe, impress the listener for great musicanship and SUPERB sound and recording, I suspect the merit of maestro Barigozzi's engineering at Durium studios in Milan.

I suggest you to have a listen to the above mentioned pieces... the quality will blossom and impress also from an MP3 and shitty computer earphones.

Thanks to Franco for the gift and introducing me (again) to Papetti's music... a good companion to the so enjoyable lady on cover I always loved.

Grab your copy before this demo-quality disc goes sky-rocketing price-wise.

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