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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Vérité Musicale

I got this disc from my pal Enrico... it's a 45 rpm recorded with a (Charlin's?) dummy-head miking technique and the star of the disc is a 1716 gorgeous Donzelague's harpsichord.

The disc is a truly seldom seen, sought-after wax, indeed... in same league and sporting very same artist of my beloved, Georges Kisselhof's engineered, Sarastro, also a 45 rpm disc, also a French production, almost reaching the heights of the Cercle Kallistos double-discs set engineered by YBA, also an harpsichord, already in Arthur Salvatore Gods' List (and in my own since early '90s).

Oui! Vérité Musicale, productions musicales en haute fidélité.
Gravure stéréophonique de phase, tête artificielle. .

... but... BUT what makes this disc quite a rare breed, the back cover liner notes shows something unique: VM - Verite Musicale, the label itself shows an hidden sort-of "secret"!

They claims the availability, for the discerning audiophile, of open-reel master copies of the superb recording, also offering different standards - i.e. 19 cm/s NAB/Dolby B or DBX and 38 cm/s CCIR/IEC with DBX noise reduction!

... something only Barclay-Crocker from USA did in the past, also using Dolby B...

... since the recent renaissance of master-dubs galore from several sources, as per my friend River Yu's cool directory.

A nice find, indeed.

Thanking Enrico for giving to me the opportunity to listen to and appreciate this gem.

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